Saturday, 17 April 2010


Camping with Cats

Some people go camping for pleasure
To revel in the great out-doors
Joining as one with nature
Escaping the confines of four walls

Some people go camping for holidays
Others with Boy Scouts or Girl Guides
Or maybe it’s for festivals or hiking
Who cares when it’s all done outside

In a moment of cider induced enthusiasm
After a wonderful family Bar-B-Q
I decided to sleep out in a tent in the garden
“Oh good” she said “You can have the cats with you”

The night was unseasonably hot and humid
A good night for cats as they say
As I tried to drift off under canvass
Well the cats, they decided to play!

At 1am Domino decided
A flying squirrel he would become
Landing spread-eagled upon the tent roof
And ‘pinging off’ was obviously much fun

If I turned over or moved any part of my body
Brushing against the side of the tent
Jasmine was out in the grass waiting
With sharp claws and no honest intent

At 3am Marmalade declared herself lonely
And demanded entry to my restless domain
She proceeded to march around purring
Went out and then came back again
It was all too much for young Hendrix
He crept in and curled up by my legs
Until he started playing cat “Paw Wars”
With the cats outside in the garden instead
At one point I zipped the tent tight shut
To keep the furry feline things out
But they played and they purred and they wailed
Thus leaving me with absolutely no doubt

I unzipped the door of the tent
So the cats could come and go as they pleased
I became oblivious to their attentions
And at last into deep sleep I eased

The moral of this tale is quite simple
Camping’s great fun and all that
But when escaping to a night under canvas
Never go camping with cats!

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