Saturday, 10 April 2010


So what did we get up to during the Easter period?

Well, first there was a fine day spent at Shepreth Wildlife Park where we spent the day meeting many fine animals:-

Then of course was the splendid afternoon spent at Sharpenhoe Clappers:-

More of that later - See Musings below.

And the fine day spent in Hatfield Forest:-

We even hosted a party for the birds in our garden!

Some Poems inspired by places I have visited:-

Sharpenhoe Clappers

Tread Softly

Tread softly o’ my sweet things
Ere you waken the dragon
That sleeps beneath this hill
Hush my children
Can you not hear his breath?
Gently rustling through the leaves

The trees sway rhythmically
In unison with the rise and fall
Of the dragons chest as he sleeps
Down deep below the Earth
Their roots reaching down
To the very edge of the dragons lair

This land is sacred, it holds a remnant
Of a power ancient and long forgotten
Tread softly ‘o my sweet things
Bow your heads in reverence
Let your minds be clear
Then may you hear the dragon sleeping

Do not waken the dragon
This land is not yet ready for his return
Although some beacons may brightly burn
Electric blue
Lights dance among the sacred circles
Flash from stone to stone
We are not alone

Tread softly o’ my sweet things
Ere you waken the dragon
That sleeps beneath this hill
Bow your heads in reverence
Let your minds be clear
Then may you hear
The dragon as he sleeps.

Therfield Downs

In the misty drizzle of a winters afternoon
We walk on paths where mud and chalk mingle
Sea shells disturbed by digging rabbits
From just below the sub soil testify to the fact
That this land once was an ocean
Laying down these chalk hills which we now climb
To a summit seventy two metres above sea level
The highest point for twelve miles in all directions
A time for reflection, and for catching breath

Despite the chill of the wind and the dampness of the rain
Our presence here disturbs Skylarks which rise
Higher and higher singing all the way
We watch in fascination as they hover
Then, with wings tucked in, plummet earthwards
Landing gracefully and disappearing once more
Into the long grass from which Keira collects
Empty snail shells from the verges of the Icknield way

Here on Therfield Downs the ancients certainly knew
How to honour their dead
Five, Bronze Age and one, Neolithic Long Barrow
Cap the summit of these sacred hills
Where we stand watching the train snake its way
Between Hitchin and Cambridge on the levels below

A single Hawthorn bush stands beside the path
At this time of year it is stark and bare
Except for the skeletal Hare caught in its branches
How it got to be there will forever be a mystery
Just one of many in this compelling landscape
As we, cold, wet, muddy but exhilarated
Make our descent back to our world.

Avebury & West Kennet
Following The Moon

I followed the Moon
As it set in the West
Above Silbury Hill
It came to rest
I climbed the path
To the barrow long
Where the white witch
Sat to sing her songs
Among the stones
In chambers dark
Whilst outside sang
The sweet Skylark
Amid green fields
And rolling hills
For in this place
My heart is stilled
By awesome beauty
And ancient power
Growing stronger
Hour by hour
The energy builds
In stream and stone
At last for a while
I’ve come back home
And thirty years
Have passed us by
As if in a mere
Twinkling of an eye
Until once more
We stood together
At our special place
Brother to brother.

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