Sunday, 30 May 2010

Nyon & Divonne

Travelling for work sometimes gives me the chance to visist some splendid places in Europe, especially in Switzerland & France.

NYON - Switzerland


It’s late January
Tonight the temperature is well below zero
Wave after wave crashes into the wall
Driven by the ferocity of this winter squall
The wind whips the spray
From the tops of the waves
Freezing in the air
Coating the pavement
In a cloak of ice
As hard as glass
Turning the plants
Into frozen sculptures
Glistening in the moonlight
The gale screams
A banshee cry
As a few hardy souls pass by
Faces scarf wrapped
Arms clutched tightly around bodies
A defence against the biting cold
A chill that seems to seep
Into the depths of your bones
Freezing your very essence
As somewhat senseless
We can do nothing but gaze in awe
At the spectacle unfolding before us
Dodging waves
Walking as carefully as cats
So as not to slip
Forever fearful
Of accidentally
Descending to the depths
Of the Ice Queen’s lair



It is warm for April
we sit outside ‘Charlie’s Bar’
in jeans and ‘T’ shirts
sipping Erdinger and Desperados
picking at the crisps and nuts
slowly smoking duty free Marlborough

watching the young people with their phones
and laptop computers
conversing at once with each other
and with the world at large

the sky changes colour
gone is the cloudless blue
in creep other hues
purple, yellow, orange, crimson
as the sun goes down behind the Jura

the trees change from light to dark green
an electric storm erupts above the mountains
reflected in the bubbling fountain
as it rises and falls

but here we have no rain
Divonne remains warm and dry
as we sit and watch the sky
the lightning flashes between the clouds

like the synapses in our brains
firing one upon the other
triggering thoughts unrelated
the conversation waxes and wanes
as we sink deeper into a comfortable
we drink ‘To absent friends’

words are no longer required
as the sun sets
on yet another day
we are satisfied

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  1. Some great pics Grant and, as usual, your words capture moments perfectly. Keep 'em coming!