Saturday, 26 June 2010


Taking full advantage of this wonderful weather, come take a stroll with me around my garden.

Walk With Me

Walk with me through the garden green

We’ll pause beside pots of colour where the flowers reign

Maybe stop for a while where the tomatoes grow

Or gaze into the pond looking for frogs and newts below,

We’ll stroll beyond the bedding plants

To the secret quiet places where the wildlife garden flourishes

And where the hidden bench offers refuge from a hectic world

We can gaze upon the buddleia, a haven for bees and butterflies

Or look up to where the candle tree reaches for the skies

Or glance towards the arch where birds feed on fat balls

Come walk with me, leave your troubles behind, forget them all
Walk into a quieter time
Walk with me, in my garden.

Sunday, 20 June 2010


On Saturday 12th June some damn fine poets got together to provide poetry throughout the day during 'A Twist of Fete', the annual summer fete & Open Studio day at the farm house, Stevenage, Herts.

Not only was the weather kind, the art that was on display was amazing and we all had a good time and met many people and made some new friends, many many thanks to Jo for inviting us to take part.

Outside the Farmhouse.

Setting up the 'Peots Corner' in the garden.

The mighty Sarah gives it some welly!

It was a great pleasure to work with Jon, artist and poet in resisedence at the farmhouse.

Chris goes for it big time!

Joy entertains the crowds.

There is no picture of me so here's a couple of the poems I performed on the day.


I’m Skyclad beneath the cool Moonlight
I can feel the breeze on my skin tonight
The earth beneath my feet soft, comforting
I am now at one with nature, calm and serene

I listen to the night sounds
I close my eyes and drift away
Across time
Through space
I’m floating in a state of ethereal grace
I hear the Policeman shout
“Sir, put your clothes back on
AND get off that roundabout”


I have never seen
The mountains so green
Nor indeed the town
Every tree resplendent
Cloaked in leaf
And gently dancing
In the early summer
Evening’s breeze
The sun still high
Is warming
Portent of more
Such days to come
And may such days go on
Like this tranquil mood
Induced in me
Forever more.

Cheers all, have a great summer.