Friday, 2 July 2010


We walk in ancient places
Where prehistory has left traces

Of long forgotten beliefs
And keys to hidden powers
If we clear our minds of modern ways
Today still, this could be ours

Carved upon the very earth
Or locked in rings of stone
Connected by the hidden lines
We can reclaim these as our own

From the highest hill
To the hidden spring

To the cool of chambered tomb
We can meditate in quietude
Deep inside of Gaia’s womb

From every Barrow mound
Aside any single standing stone
Or deep within a ring of trees
We are not alone

Such is the power so ancient
It transcends history
It knows no bounds of time and space
So perfect in its mystery

And so we are connected
To every creature leaf and tree
From mountain high to valley low

Every river lake and sea
To every life that ever was
And those still yet to be

Such is the power so ancient
Just open your minds and see
We walk in ancient places
As we tread this land today.

1 comment:

  1. Good words and pictures to compliment perfectly by a fellow traveller! Good post Grant.