Monday, 30 August 2010


Happisburgh, pronounced 'Haze Bruh', on the Norfolk coast is a beautiful and fascinating place as we very recently discovered, the place is steeped in history, both ancient and modern (as any quick glance at the local website will tell you

I have just returned from a most splendid Holiday in Happisburgh, the most iconic buildings are the Lighthouse:-

and the Church, which has a splendid font with carved figures depicting the Apostles and the 'Wild man' whose origins are apparently not known, but, he does bear some striking resemblance to the Green Man who seems to pop up all over Norfolk often in church architecture, decoration or stained glass.

Happisburgh Lighthouse

Atop of the hill on the Happisburgh coast
Brightly banded in red and white
Stands the tower that has for 200 years
Been a Mariners guiding light

The Lighthouse can be seen for miles
Standing firm and proud and tall
Solid, strong unyielding
Through gales and storms and squalls

The spiral stairs inside the tower
Climb to a dizzying height
But once inside the lantern room
The views are a pure delight

From inside here the seas’ horizon
Is more than thirteen miles away
While it’s only three from the sea-shore
On a clear and cloudless day

We watch the ships navigate the channels
Deep and safe and clear
Guided by the Happisburgh lighthouse
No wonder so many hold it dear

It is all the more remarkable
That this lighthouse has survived
By the power of local volunteers
Keeping the light alive

So may the local Lighthouse trust
Continue to grow in strength and power
And keep this vital historic light shining
Atop of the Happisburgh tower.

Of course, Happisburgh is not that far from another of my favourite places, Sherringham, which, apart from it's obvious seaside connections, has:-


The hiss of steam
The huff the puff
The clanking sound
Of steel on steel
The whistle blown
The pistons push
The turning of the wheels

The sight the sound
The taste the smell
Coal smoke steam and oil
Coupled to the carriage set
The engine begins its toil

Young and old
Come to watch and ride
Enrapt in fascination
As with the final whistle blown

The steam train leaves the station

One of the great pleasures of being beside the sea in a quiet rural setting was to be able to get up (Far too) early and watch the sunrise over the sea:-


As the sun rises above the horizon

Casting gold and orange rays

Over the surface of the sea

It is a sight to warm the very heart

On mornings such as these.

As with all good things, holidays always come to an end but, if they were good, the memories live on forever.

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  1. Sounds splendid, and it is always good to find a wild man to lead those apostles astray!
    Excellent verses as usual to capture the moments.