Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Lakes in Autumn

Stevenage, where I live, can surely no longer be termed a 'New Town', it is a mature town and is actually full of 'Green Spaces', parks, woodlands, copses, green pathways etc.

By far the largest of these areas is Fairlands Valley, vast geen open spaces with lakes for boating, fishing, wildfowl etc. The series of lakes stretches throughout the park, it is a beautiful place to walk at any time of the year, but now, in autumn, as the trees are adorned with their autumnal leaves & winter visitors arrive at the lakes, with fewer people around, it's fabulous.


As the late afternoon sun
Dips behind the trees
The waters reflect the sky
A calm serenity disturbed only
By the slightest of breezes
And the ducks and geese dabbling
Paddling at the waters edge
In search of tasty treats
On the grass beneath the trees
A pair of Crows argues over
A discarded crisp packet
Canada Geese graze like cattle
While the gulls settle
On the landing stage
Empty now
The boats lined up in neat rows
On the shore
Tarpaulins stretched tight
Protected against the coming winter
The trees wear their autumnal hues
Dressed now in yellow, brown, orange & red
As the sun starts to set
We stroll, wrapped up against the cold
Beside the lakes in autumn.

1 comment:

  1. We too love those Autumn colours and the lack of crowds is always a bonus!
    The lakes sound cool, open space always benefit from stretches of water-it expands the views.