Saturday, 20 November 2010


There is a certain 'something' about statues, something quite mysterious, the same of course is true for water, when the two are brought together, something magical happens.

Solitude in the Garden of Statues

She stands in silence
Confident in her nakedness
With her Mona Lisa smile
And her hidden eyes
As I gaze upon her loveliness

Everywhere the sound of water
Splashing upon stone
Relaxes the very essence of my soul

Stone dogs guard the entrance
To a hidden garden
Where Venus reclines
In playful relaxation
And jesters dance
While cherub’s harps
Sing with the breeze

In this place I could linger
At peace with the world and myself
Happy to slowly wander
In solitude
In the garden of statues

1 comment:

  1. Cool post Grant. We too like statues-the skill in creating these works of art is magical in itself. The Russel-Coates museum has a good collection and, closer to home, we have 'The Birth of Venus' in our bathroom.