Friday, 31 December 2010


2010 A Year of Memories.

January started off very cold and many friends followed the life and death of Frostie on facebook!

Frostie in his prime.

The cold spell was not just in the UK, it was extremely cold and stormy in Nyon, Switzeralnd too!
Ice Sculpture by 'Nature'

And a freezing stormy Lac leman (Lake Geneva).

But it wasn't all cold, Pauline Black warmed up Club-85 with her amazing Ska band.

In February, Chris Ripple & I supported the amazing Lika Sharps at Club-85.

Before going off down to London to perform at the Pullens Poetry and Spoken Word Festival the following week.

In March, we met a miniature Camen!

In April, we had Rainbows!

And visisted Standalone farm to see the new sheep etc.

In May we were rocked by Pendulum & Sub Focus at the Wembley Arena.

In June I attended a residential training course at the Node.

In July we did several things!

The Prodigy at the Warriors Dance Festival, Milton Keynes Bowl,

Rhythms of the World Festival at Hitchin,

And of course, Sonisphere at Knebworth.

In August we had our splendid family holiday in Happisburgh, Norfolk.

August was also a good time for the garden.

September was quite busy too:-
Space Ritual & Gong at the Forum in Kentish Town, London.

Nik Turner's Space Ritual


A visit to Church Farm in Ardely, near Walkern.

Walks along the river.

And, Larry Miller for the second time this year!

October saw us out and about too!

The ducks at Ware.

The Dragonfly at Datchworth.

And Focus at Plinston Hall, Letchworth.

And of course there was Halloweeen.

November saw us at the first of four gigs by InMe at the relentless Garage in London and of course the trip to Antwerp, The Astronauts at Club-85 and Fireworks.


The four Musketeers!

I also met some statues in November!

The Astronuats in action at Club-85

Fairlands valley Firework Display.

December saw us seeing out the old year in style, there was 30 Seconds to Mars & Enter Shikari at the O2 Arena, The Disturbed with Papa Roach & Buckcherry at Wembley Arena, Hawkwind at the Forum, Kentish Town, more of the 4 InMe gigs and it snowed! And finally, Club-85's gig of the year, The Pink Floyd Dimension.
Snow in the woods nearby.
Hawkwind at the Forum.

The Pink Floyd Dimension at Club-85.
Yes indeed, a year full of happy memories, I also managed to scribe several poems throughout 2010, many of which I've been quite pleased with and I performed at Club-85, Pullens Poetry & Spoken Word Festival and of course Rhythms of the world, so I'll leave you with this:-
A conversation between two Herring Gulls

Morning mate, been fishing?

No not me, I’m learning to be urban, better pickings!

You mean, you’ve not been down to the shore, not had a paddle at the waters edge, seafood galore?

No, the car park in town, that’s where it all goes down, chips and burgers, curry & rice, bread rolls and cake crumbs, all very nice!

But there are Starlings, Pigeons and nasty Crows, Magpies and Rooks, why, even Sparrows!

Yeah, great isn’t it, like everyone can see, a multi ethnic, multi racial, avian society!

But you are a seagull, you’re supposed to soar, spend your days above the ocean’s roar, feeding from the bountiful sea, it’s a great life my friend, just look at me!

Oh I did, and I’ve listened but I’ve been an urban bird now for weeks and I can’t stand the prattling of you health food freaks.

What, no Sprats, Eels, or tasty Shore-Crabs?

No, I prefer Pizza or Pasta, KFC or Kebabs!
A very Happy New Year to all,

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