Sunday, 19 December 2010


It seems to happen every time, whenever we’re out and about, when I’m with Kevin, Chris & Paul, someone will do something spectacular that triggers a response in me to capture the event in verse, oh; they’re such an inspiration to me!

You've Got To Hand It To Kev'

Weatherspoons in Stevenage, and a lunchtime pint or two
To wash down the ham egg and chips as you tend to do
Then another final pint of ale before jumping on the train
Yes it’s that Yuletide London visit and Hawkwind once again

Paul, Chris, Kevin and I get as far as Kings Cross, St Pancras
Where we visit the Sir John Betjeman, we couldn’t just go past
For they brew their own beer here and sell other real ales too
It’s handy from the station because by then we also need the loo

After begging for a handful of bread to soak up some of the beer
We head on down the London tube full of Christmas cheer
I don’t think some the tourists, despite trying as hard as we might
Were too keen on our renditions of Christmas Carols & the like!

We emerged in Camden town, and popped into the Elephant’s Head
Another beer was needed, you know what I mean, come on, enough said
And the table that we sat at had a crack and a hole as big as can be
Big enough for Kev’s hand to emerge and grab the beer off me!

While we sat in the Elephant’s Head for a drink a laugh and chat
Who should appear already full of cheer, of course it was Mel & Stratt
So now we were six we headed off to grab some Camden grub
A big Chinese was sure to please and only three quid a tub!

Camden market was still buzzing despite the cold and time and all that
We danced our way through Cyberdog & Mel got a Red Bull hat
Kev bought something in Cyberdog that here I can’t describe
If he does give it to his wife as stocking filler she’s in for a little, big surprise!

We couldn’t pass through Camden without stopping at the Camden Lock
But only for a quick one (or two) after glancing at the clock
We headed off for Kentish Town so as not to be late
But we did call in to one more pub on the way to The Bull and Gate

The Bull and Gate was heaving as we squeezed our way inside
Tribute band ‘Hoaxwind’ were playing, “They’re pretty good” Kev cried
And there propping up the corner bar was our good mate ‘Beluga’ Barry
But we couldn’t stay inside for long, oh no we could not tarry

So we all dashed into the Forum for a night of Psychedelic rock
I won’t say much about the support bands, no sir, not a lot
But Hawkwind were on fire again and for what it’s worth
Their best album for many years has to be “The Blood of the Earth”

Kev got mashed in the mosh pit he should know better at his age
But he wanted to see the lovely dancers really close up by the stage
And after the gig was over we did the traditional post gig thing
It was hello to the Halal Chicken shop for chips and breasts and wings

Then at last I noticed that our party had grown somewhat small
Poor Mel had morphed into Ciderella and had missed the final Ball
So we traipsed our way back down the tube and off to old Kings Cross
We even caught the last train home and that was good enough for us!

So, until we do it again!

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