Thursday, 9 December 2010


Antwerp really is a truly beautiful city, there is so much to see and do, so many wonderful old buildings to visit and admire (We didn't really spend the whole weekend sampling Belgium beer, or did we?) .
Anyway, in this short 'part-2' I offer a more serious poem that I hope captures some of the overall feeling 'Antwerp Christmas Cheer' and a humorous recalling of something that really did happen 'The Giggling Pizza', enjoy.

Antwerp Christmas Cheer

We wander through the cobbled streets
dodging the trams that rattle past
whilst all the while above our heads
Gothic buildings point spires heavenwards

Between the street-side shops facade
winding alleys lead us through
archways into narrow paths
to open squares once hid from view

Ornate civic buildings adorn
these secret hidden places
carved stonework and iconic signs abound
with moss covered statues, weathered faces

Back once more into the busy streets
we mingle with the bustling throng
shoppers, tourists and locals too
our journey continues on

We seek out the glorious Belgium ales
and places of character in which to sup
in Antwerp’s fine old city bars
let the good Trappist’s fill our cups

We warm ourselves from winters chill
beside a crackling open fire
and find a fine camaraderie
beneath the Cathedral’s mighty spires

Antwerp is a beautiful city
full of character and steeped in history
there is so much to see and do
it has captured the very heart of me

So raise a glass of fine strong ale
and a Yuletide toast to those we love
to have good friends is to be blessed
praise be to God above.

And now for the best piece of graffiti!

And of course, the tale of the Giggling Pizza.


Now food's not intrinsically funny
as every good gastronome knows
some indeed might be funny peculiar
but that's just the way that it goes

Now pizza is known for it's varieties
it comes in all shapes and sizes
providing it's topped off with cheeses
there should be no hidden surprises

There's an old pizza restaurant in Antwerp
just off the Cathedral square
it's a friendly and welcoming place
you can even take your own drinks in there

So after a copious ale session
and loud music to waken the dead
into this pizza place somewhat noisily
Paul, Chris, Grant & Kevin did tread

Now three of us all went traditional
you know, round pizzas flat on the plate
but Kevin went for the Calzone
and we didn't have that long to wait

The pizza's arrived all quite quickly
considering the time of the night
we were hungry so tucked in with vigour
Kevin's Calzone was a special alright

He asked us what pizza's we'd ordered
Chris's seafood I think was one choice
I can't quite remember what Paul had
but I said with a somewhat loud voice

"I've got a large mushroom pizza
and they call it fungi in here
'cos I'm such a fun guy to be with"
and this remark, well oh dear!

Kevin had just started his calzone
when a giggle arose it was plain
he giggled and giggled and giggled
until he doubled over in pain

Now it couldn't have been due to the beer
we weren't that drunk as I do recall
and my remark wasn't really that funny
it must have been the calzone that's all

So if ever you're out in old Antwerp
and a late night pizza is your desire
please avoid the giggling calzone
because the consequences can be quite dire!

Until the next time, cheers m' dears, Grant.

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