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Kevin’s Spotted Dick in Holborn!
25th February 2011; And so began another Fellowship of the Stick outing to London.
In a complete break from tradition there was no prior visit to Stevenage Weatherspoons for cheap beers and a bite to eat, I think we all needed to get at least thirty miles and a couple of pints away from work before relaxation could begin!

Another break from tradition was of course that we had the lovely Hazel with us for the London ‘Eatie-Drinkies’ phase of the expedition!

Some traditions however had to be upheld, so upon arrival at Kings Cross it was straight over to the 'Sir John' at St Pancras for a couple of pints of Betjeman Ale to get ‘Settled in’.
Our second pint came in ‘Jugs’ with an apology, I can’t understand why my remark, “I like jugs, especially big ones” caused such a furore, I was of course talking about the glasses!

Suitably refreshed it was then just a short hop on the tube to Holborn and to The Ship Tavern for a spot of lunch.
Ah yes, The Ship Tavern, where the food is so good that the Ham, Egg and Chips smile up at you from the plate!
This of course is where ‘It’ happened, that moment, a singularity where a chance comment or occurrence causes those involved to slip gracelessly into a state of complete idiocy and a fit of the giggles, especially by those old and wise enough to know better, but somehow that fine old English dessert “Spotted Dick” can often have such an effect!
Hazel gazes in awe and wonderment at the thought of tasting some Spotted Dick.

The Spotted Dick Incident
(Or was Kev’s Dick Really Spotted in Holborn?)

After sumptuous servings of Ham egg and chips
Or pies and all the rest
Washed down with cool refreshing pints
Of a damn fine Theakston’s best

The camaraderie was as good as it always is
When the Fellowship is in town
We talked of music, of life and good humour
As the beers were going down

Now the fellowship is a male domain
But today we enjoyed the company
Of Hazel who works along with us
Kevin, Chris and me

The Lunch in Holborn’s ‘The Ship Tavern’
Was so good it raised more than just a smile
And Kev and Hazel were hungry for more
It stuck out by a mile!

Scouring the menu for desserts
A certain something caught Kev’s eye
A traditional pudding called ‘Spotted Dick’
He just had to give that one a try

You could tell that Hazel wanted some
So two spoons were called for quick
Such a pudding should not be eaten alone
One must share one’s Spotted Dick

The arrival of the pudding was announced
By a call from the kitchen’s Cuckoo clock
We all though ‘How bizarre is that!’
And with laughter we did rock

Spoons dipped in and spoons dipped out
Chris and I could tell right from the start
That once those two in earnest started
They’d tear poor Kev’s dick apart

And all too soon it was over
I may have even looked on in envy
To see such a shared passion disappear
In such a feeding frenzy

Anyone who denies such pleasures
Should be hung, drawn and then garrotted
But never ever be tempted to share
A dick that isn’t spotted!
After recovering from what shall now for ever more be referred to as ‘The Spotted Dick Incident’ we made our way to the Princess Louise, a really fine Victorian pub with stained glass windows, ornate glass window enclosed ‘Snugs’ , art deco tiles & décor and where, remarkably for a London pub, the very fine draught beer was only £2.03 a pint!
(The gents really has to be seen to be believed and NO I did not take any photographs in there!).
The Princess Louise (Wheeling her bike).

One of the windows inside the Princess Louise, very apt I thought!

We walked, with remarkable self control, (not visiting every pub on the way), to the Museum Tavern and sat outside watching the world go by, the fascinating world that is London in the early evening, shortly after which, and another pub later, we saw Hazel off on her way ‘Down the Tube’ and headed for the ‘Pillars of Hercules’ which is very close to the venue of the evening, The Borderline.
Of course by the time we got to the 'Pillars' it was dark and the crowd, many of them pre-gig drinking, had spilled out of the pub to clutter up the pavement outside (I of course include myself in that).

Our final venue for the evening was 'The Borderline' to see Nik Turner's Space Ritual in concert, they were on cracking form and a splendid night was had by all, at one point there were 12 musicians + Ms. Angel (The dancer) on stage!

Nik's saxophone playing was simply astounding and it was also a real pleasure to hear such old Hawkwind numbers as 'D-Rider' which features his awesome flute expertise.

After the gig it was the usual 'mad rush' to get back to Kings Cross in time to grab a well deserved pasty from the West Cornwal Pastie Company, this itself fast heading towards becoming a tradition!
Jumping onto the penultimate train home north, we shared our seat with a lad from Hitchin who had just been to see Sylosis at the Cambden Underworld, (for the uninitiated, Sylosis are an up and coming British Heavy Metal band and not a medical condition)
for some reason he found our conversation, and especially Kevin's call to Dianne to convince her that she should pick him (and Chris) up from Arlsey, extremely funny, all I can say is, it must have been the violins that did it!
Until the next time.

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