Sunday, 20 March 2011


In the heart of Stevenage New Town, adjacent to the Old London Road, are the Six Hills.
These remarkable tumuli are said to be Roman burial mounds, despite the fact that they appear very much like Bronze Age Barrows.

Despite the somewaht incongrous setting (That has grown up around them today) they are still an impressive sight and none more so than at winter when covered in snow when it is easy to imagine that there may have been some truth in the darker legend of thier origin!

Six Hills

Beside the Old London Road
In the heart of Stevenage town
Six Hills in a perfect line
Mark the trace of ancient times

These Barrows are believed by some
To be of Bronze Age or Roman origin
But legend holds a darker tale
So it’s here that I’ll begin

One day whilst sitting
All alone in Whomerly wood
The Devil threw seven spades of earth
Towards where Stevenage Old Town stood

Six clods landed in a perfect line
Just missing the travellers passing by
Whilst the seventh hit Gravely church’s spire
And knocked it all awry!


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  1. That ol' devil was a bit if a lad for slinging lumps of earth (or rocks) around, wasn't he-at it all over the place.
    This is a brilliant post Grant-your words very inspired.