Monday, 18 April 2011

3 Black Sheep and one Coors Lite

This blog is dedicated to those wonderful Mudhoppers, Ledger & Karen De La Bald, also to Kevin, Chris and Paul and our gracious partners who let us do such crazy things as drive all the way up to Yorkshire for a gig and a drink with old (& new) friends!

Three Black Sheep and One Coors Lite

A trip up North to visit Karen & Ledger
A splendid idea what on Earth could be better?
To combine it with a really exceptional gig
Drinking real ale and dancing a jig
Straight up the A1 with only one stop
For coffee and tea-cakes and a sweet lollipop
And a Fellowship rendezvous in the Travel-lodge at Keighley
We all made it there in one piece and "By gum" were we ready!

We knew it was going to be a brilliant night
3 Black Sheep and one Coors Lite
Keighley Blues Club at the Cougars rugby ground
The Fellowship united to catch the sound
Of a young, diminutive, barefoot Northern lass
Who treated us all to a stunning master class
Of blues and rock so scrumptiously played
By Chantel McGregor such a fair wee maid

The warm up act was excellent too
Keith Christmas played as we supped our brew
Joining in with the songs and the in-between banter
Getting ready for Chantel the little enchanter
She was on fire and at one with her guitar
I never knew anyone who could go that far
The instrument more like a part of her soul
She caressed it and made it sing rock and roll (and the blues)

Too soon the show was dusted and done
We set off on our way to find yet more fun
The hour was late and we were in a hurry
To sample the delights of a Keighley curry
A passing taxi was duly waved down
And soon we were speeding into the town
To the best curry house and it proved to be so
Just ask a good taxi driver who's in the know

So well fed and watered we headed for bed
Except for poor Smithy where the floor beckoned instead
For we'd smuggled him into our two person room
But it was all fun and rejoicing and definitely no gloom
For Ol' Snorebitz was ensconced way down the hall
And one floor below so it was good sleep for all
With musical snores and synchronised farting
To the land of nod we were soon departing

After a sumptuous breakfast and a sad farewell
One off to Scotland and the other three, well
A drive up into the hills, moors and valleys
To picturesque villages with narrow passageways and alleys
Off roading and green-lane-ing in a Golf can be fun
Along to Goose-eye & the Turkey Inn just had to be done
To revisit an important part of Kevin's past life
Dating back to when he was courting his wife

So on we went to Howarth deep in Bronte Land
So Grant and Ledger could skip hand in hand
Down memory lane and into the Fleece pub
With Karen, Kevin and Paul for beers and some grub
And sunshine and laughter and camaraderie
Such moments forever so precious will be
So here's to the Fellowship and our dear families and friends
Let's stay in the place where the music never ends
Together in our hearts.

Now for some of the other photo's:- A

A Panoraminc Yorkshire scene.

Bronte Country!

The ghostly painting inside The Fleece.

A view down 't' road, in Howarth.

Earlier on I may have mentioned a curry!

There's a posh curry house in old Keighley town
But don't expect to wash a nice hot one down
With a glass of fine wine or a cold refreshing beer
Because they don’t serve alcohol in the restaurants up here!

Now this is in Yorkshire on the edge of the dales
But forget about drinking it's drier than Wales!
The curries available include all those choices
Blokes order after beers, with over-loud voices

Chicken Vindaloo or Lamb Rogan Josh
Mixed Tikka Massalla or Biryani Prawn gosh!
But I must admit I was amazed and quite shocked
About what wasn't there on offer all spicy & hot

There was no Black Pudding curry in a Yorkshire pud' Nan
Real local ethnical food all served up in a pan
But the waiter had a surprise for my friends and me
The house special, a delicious meal in a pot, called a Handee.

And that, dear friends is that, another splendid trip, so, until the next time, cool runnings.