Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hi Folks, it's been a while! Having been hospitalised for major knee surgery, I'm now back in the virtual world!

Late in May, 2011, a certain 'Fellowship' took the bold step of going to Kingston-Upon-Thames in London, to see the amazing Pendragon at 'The Peel', what a stupendous gig it was, to see such a fantastic band that have been filling stadiums around Europe for the past thirty years in such an intimate venue as 'The Peel' was an amazing experience, the new album, Passion, is, in my humble opinion, one of thier very best!

Anyway, some visual evidence!

Chris and myself next to 'Out of Order' in Kingston.

Chris and Kevin outside 'The Peel', is that beer I spy?

Pendragon in action.

Come on Kevin, focus, focus!

Now Chris really is a tasty geezer!

More Pendragon.

And the next day, a light breakfast at the famous Ace Cafe in London, where the Citron 2CV Owners Club of Great Britain were gathering for thier London to Brighton run!

All in all, another splendid expedition, I'm sure, in time, I'll wax lyrical upon it, but for now, safe and cool runnings one and all.