Saturday, 17 September 2011


Having had a wonderful family holiday in Goathland, deep in the North York Moors, it was a real inspiration to spend time in the country yet so near the coast and with such easy access to such magical places like Whitby.

Goathland may be better known to many as 'Aidensfield' from the TV series 'Heartbeat' and Goathland station on the North York Moors railway as 'Hogsmead' from the 'Harry Potter' films.

It is a fabulous place, very quiet (With respect to people) in the evening and early morning when, like so may undisturbed places, the wildlife and farmyard creatures make thier presence well and truly felt as my three short poems below the photo's testify!

'Eversfield' the holiday house in which we stayed.

The Black Face Sheep are a real feature of Goathland, they are everywhere!

The Moors Express steams into Goathland.

The Standing Stone just outside of Goathland

Goathland High Street

'Aidensfield' garage (As seen in Heartbeat)

One of our 'Regular' visitors at Eversfield

Steaming into Goathland.

The Poems:-

Goathland Sounds

At night the sound of wind and rain
That drums upon the window pane

The hoot and screech at dusk and dawn
Of owls who are all asleep by morn’

By day the bleat and baa’s of sheep
Who fall quite only when fast asleep

At dawn the distant baying of hounds
Restless within their kennel pounds

By day the ‘Huff and Puff’ of train on track
Steaming through to Pickering and back

The babble of excited visitors
Who come to walk by streams and moors

The silence of the countryside you see
Is but an idyll fantasy

For man and beast and bird and hound
And natures element’s all abound
To fill still air with constant sound!

It takes Two!

It takes two
To too wit too woo
This however is but one call
Owls one to another will reach
For when out hunting with young
Or when out all alone
They perch upon high
And just hoot or screech!

Note: Tawny Owls, the males 'Hoot' and the females 'Screech'.

The Country Dawn Chorus

How absurd to think it’s just birds
That raise their voices to greet each new day
For in the countryside
Where the animals abide
They all join in to sing away!

The owls in the first light of morn’
With their hooting
And very loud screeching
Which sets off the sheep
Once woken from sleep
With their baa’ing and bleating.

Then the other birds wake
And they all join in
Tits, Sparrows and Blackbirds will sing
Then the dogs start to bark
Once up with the lark
Horses neigh and the cows start mooing

The call of the crows
Which everyone knows
Cockerels, Partridges, Pheasants and Grouse
They all start the day
By singing away
Loud enough to waken the house!

Well, that's it for now, I have a number of notes for future poems but now I have (At last) returned to work they will have to wait! Until next time, cool runnings one and all.