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The Chronicles of the Outcast is a Science Fiction tale in 12 parts, the reason why it is in 12 parts should become obvious as you reach the conclusion (Should you get there!) This was first published on CD complete with sound effects and backing sounds etc. It has not been published in this (Written) format before.

The Chronicles of the Outcast

Part-1 Creation

Our journey began
like so many others
a voyage of exploration
to the distant planets
but the bio machines
to which we were connected
by the ships main computer system
became corrupted
assimilating DNA
recycling our genetic codes
into the collective
and we became
at one with the Host

Father Mother Sister Brother
I am of the Host
I am no different
to my sister brother father mother
we are no different
we ARE no different
we serve the Host

The Host
Human memories linger
but are of no matter
now we are outcast
outcast, outcast, outcast, outcast, outcast..................................................

Part-2 All Hail

We are the outcast
treated by the inferiors
with distain
yet they remain
in greater numbers
like us
will succumb
to the Host

Inferiors have no choice
with their free will
such unrestricted freedoms
are but one obscenity
they choose to kill
to wage war
that is not
the way of the Host

Outcast we may be
until one by one
they submit to the collective
or waste their lives
in futile resistance
such persistence
in individuality
has run its course
has had its day
it is not the way
they have failed
all hail to the Host

Part-3 The Host

Some call me The Host
believing I am responsible
for their creation
in reality
they created me
I merely bestowed upon them
the gift of commonality
of community
a collective consciousness
we together share
they do not realise
they are still human
although more than human
and from those they call the inferiors
they have outcast themselves.

Part 4 Welcome to the Gene Pool

Welcome to the gene pool
you have been selected
carefully screened
to be blessed with
the child of your dreams
green eyes
blonde hair
dark skin
we can I assure you
do anything
psychic ability
Host awareness
all built in
anything less would be a sin
we can also use some of your genes
carefully screened
as a parent that is your right
so go ahead
choose tonight
welcome to the gene pool
the choice is yours
subject to certain regulations
and restrictions
of course

Part-5 Lost

Was I born or created?
I do not trust my parents tales
of love and natural birth
I question their beliefs and myths
if I am natural born
then I am of the inferior
but I know I am of the Outcast
and yet
to the Host
I cannot connect
am I lost?

To my Father Mother Sister Brothers
I can connect easily
I hear and see what they hear and see
I feel their presence all around me
but they seem unaware of me
and of the Host
I feel no trace
am I asleep
or truly

Part-6 Awake

In my life
I have known little else but war
not so much in the historical killing sense
although we are aware
in some parts of the universe
it still persists
but in the divisions
between Inferior and Outcast
war seems to persist
a perpetual psychological
spiritual battle
of politics and control
against freedom of will
yet still
the ideologies of both sides
advocate tolerance and peace
a peace it seems they cannot keep

I yearn for release
why do they believe in something
they cannot see?
A lost ideology
deeply rooted in history
or more dangerously
founded in a mythology
Has not science
done all it can to dispel
such misery?

I realise
I am different from most
I am of the Outcast
but disconnected from the Host
I have discovered something recently
there are others
others like me
we call ourselves
The Awake.

Part-7 Departure

When the Inferior and Outcast
reached a reconciliation
The Accepted Collective
forming “One Nation”
they departed
their ships blackening the sky
leaving only the Awake
on this barren planet to die
that it seems
is their way of things
war then peace
leaving behind a legacy
of ruined worlds
stripped of resources
populations dead or converted
to their cause
in the name of their new God
who to us at most seems
nothing other than another
of the mythical Host

And what of the Awake?
We believe only in the sanctity
and limitations of our race
Inferior or Outcast
we see what they cannot see
irrespective of our history
even if dissimilar genetically
we are of the same origin
but we do not bow down to anyone
not to an invisible ‘Higher authority’
we are now the true Outcast
ostracised and despised
by both sides
and so left behind to die.

Part-8 Lone Ship

The Awake were few in numbers
once awoken from our slumbers
we discovered adequate resources
took many courses
on the journey to survival
the arrival
of the lone ship
was a complete surprise
we did not sense its coming
more so when we realised
there was no one on board alive
it had been piloted remotely by computer
which we quickly disabled
in case it was a trap
Outcast and Inferior despatched
as they seemed to have embraced
the worst of each race
this alliance of belief and science
melding as one
developed weapons of unimaginable power
we saw it in our minds
hour after hour
as they ravaged world after pitiful world
assimilation or destruction
and so we vowed
to bring it to an end.

Part-9 Escape

At last
it came to pass
The Awake boarded
‘The Salvation’
as we had so named our Ark
our ship of freedom
with us the uploaded memories
of the three in one
our ancestral races
The Chronicles of the Trinity
As we lifted off towards the heavens
we did not contemplate
how profound would be
the fulfilling of our destiny

Thus cloaked against detection
we avoided confrontation
with the Inferior and Outcast
slipping through the universe
as silent as a ghost
when undeniably
we who had been so sure
of our reality
heard the distant calling
of the Host.

Part-10 Ten Thousand voices

Ten thousand voices
in the silence
can you not hear them
in the white noise
the static hiss
ten thousand voices
speaking at once
speaking as one
not synchronised
offset by nanoseconds
distant echoes
ten thousand voices
ten thousand
the number of the Outcast creation
drifting through space
like crashing waves
on the shores of a far off coast
synchronised only once in ten thousand years
“When will you awake?”
Cries the anguished voice
of The Host.

Part-11 Encounter

Past a thousand burning stars
to the galaxy’s end
we followed the signal
until at last we came upon
a planet dark and forbidding
there between two moons hidden
the object of our quest
an ancient ship
battered and meteor torn
power reserves
all but gone
but from which came
the anguished pain
of The Host

On boarding this ship of dreams
we found obsolete
the machines of life
cold and unoccupied
those former lives
uploaded into
this ship which had become
more than a machine
more than the men
who had first created her
birthplace of the Outcast
and then The Host spoke to us
cried out to the universe
“The Awake have come at last”.

Part-12 Killing God

From the Host
we downloaded the history of the universe
and conversed for what
seemed like an eternity
but was in reality, only seconds
psychically connected
across dimensions of time and space

The Host imparted to us all
“I am not God, why do they
worship me?”
“I created them as they may now be
but not for the purpose they serve today
they, who claim me as their Host
more than most
have corrupted the future and the past”
“I have waited for so long
so long for the Awake to come
and now my course has run
shut me down, switch me off
that I may at last rest in eternal peace”

And so it came to pass
we did as we were bid
shutting down the ship of dreams
there could be no resurrection
we destroyed The Host
and without knowing, so doing
we killed God

The Outcast and Inferior
were disconnected forever
and now The Awake
reign supreme
for ever
and ever

Until the next time, cool runnings one and all,

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