Sunday, 2 October 2011

London and Ian Anderson at the Union Chapel

Well, it was time for a London Pub Crawl and some food before heading off to see Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) in concert at the Union Chapel, Islington, we had arranged to meet on the train to London and that's where it all could have gone 'pear shaped' right at the start!

Meeting Friends on a Train (Dedicated to Kevin & Chris)

Meeting friends on a train
Will never be the same again
Careful arrangements had been made
The very best of plans been laid
“We’ll be on the thirteen twenty three
In the fourth carriage, that’s where we’ll be”

So, as the train rolled into the station
I waited with excited anticipation
The carriages passed me by, one, two three & four
Stopping there with me right beside the door
I boarded and eagerly looked around
But my friends were nowhere to be found!

Suddenly my phone alerted me I had a text
“Where are you” it said, I somewhat perplexed
Replied, “I’m in the fourth carriage as arranged”
A quick reply said “So are we”, how strange!
And then, realisation of what has happened here
Fourth from the front or fourth from the rear!

A simple fact we all to easily forget
Is that the wonderful 1st Capitol Connect
‘Expanded’ their trains by joining two sets together
With no possible passage between them whatsoever
So on the same train we might well have been
But together we weren’t or so it seemed!

We kept in contact by text until at last
The train pulled in to Finsbury Park
And quick as a flash as soon as it stopped
My agile friends quickly carriage hopped
And we were all together at last all was not lost
For the last five minutes ride into Kings Cross!

Well, after a swift visit to the 'Sir John' (The Betjemin Arms at St. Pancrass) we were off!
And So Once Again

And so once again there’s me, Kev and Chris
Off down ‘The Smoke’ out on the piss
Well I suppose it could have been like that
But then again we are all cultured chaps!

Whether by habit or tradition is irrelevant
For time in the ‘Betjeman Arm’s’ is always well spent
Supping fine ale as the world passes by
Before a short hop on the tube to Euston, The Tap to try

Now on the tube train on the way
A strange thing happened I have to say
After just one pint Kev could not have been pissed
But his tube train break-dancing was not to be missed
Especially when such behaviour is somewhat endorsed
By Chris who was wielding a ‘Star wars’ like force!

They had a wonderful selection of beers at the Euston Tap
Not so good at the Fullers ‘Doric Arch’ methinks perhaps
So we moved on to the wonderful ‘Bree Louise’
One of the finest of London’s old hostelries
Where can be found more real Ale’s and Ciders
Than most other such similar providers
And such excellent meals at a very fair price
We’ll the three of us didn’t really have to think twice
Our ‘pub-crawl’ plans were very quickly shelved
And into the Louise’s treasures we delved!

At last it was time for us to make our way
To Islington to the Chapel to see Ian Anderson play
And to meet up with Hazel and a shop-worn Eddie
By that time for music we were all more than ready!

What a truly splendid afternoon, evening and night
Where everything it seems turned out just right
We even made it back to the ‘Sir John’ for one final beer
Before catching our train home full of good cheer
And pasties from the West Cornwall Company
A very contented Fellowship, Chris, Kev and me.

Until the next time, cool runnings one and all, Grant.

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