Saturday, 19 November 2011


 This time there was no mistake
no wrong carriages or hesitation
we met as planned at 11.45
upstairs at Stevenage station

With steaming hot cups of coffee
to keep our senses alive
we caught the train we’d planned to catch
precisely at 12.05

In a rare break from routine
a bypass move was agreed
the ‘Sir John’ did not get visited this time
a change from tradition indeed!

Descending to the Northern Line
as we hit London Town
it was straight off to the Euston Tap
to sink some fine real ales right down

It was while sitting outside the Tap
enjoying the views and camaraderie
that Kevin revealed the day’s hat
for us all to see

It was like a surreal coral reef
with colourful sea anemones
or perhaps an alien forest
trees swaying in the breeze

It seemed quite appropriate
for a day such as this
with the three of us again
out in London filled with bliss

So refreshed we made our move
to the Bree Louise pub
for more pints of fine ale
and some splendid grub

Next we set off to the
Crown and Anchor
it wasn’t far away at all
just round the corner

A god pub the Crown and Anchor
may well be
but there was no real atmosphere
well none that we could see easily

So we strolled back round
to the Bree Louise
and asked the barmaid
for “More beers please”

And we met a nice crowd
from the Hobgoblin in Reading
including a six foot copper in leather
we asked where they were heading

It transpired they were off to
Alexandra Palace
to see Mr Cooper’s stage show
yes they were all there for Alice

So we took them on with us
to the Euston Tap
the barman said “Oh no!
it’s you lot come back!”

After several more beers
and some fond goodbyes
it was off to Islington by bus
for the three fellowship guys

Chatting rugby and such
with a lovely Kiwi lass
was such a nice way
for a bus-ride to pass

At last at the Angel
we happily arrived
and up to ‘The Glassworks’
and quickly inside

Beers and burgers
were the order of the day
then off to the O2
to see Hawklords play

The first band were good
Gunslinger were ace
then the Hawklords appeared
and took over the place

A stunning rendition
of the Bob Calvert years
we lost all sense of time
and quite possibly our ears!

All too soon it was finished
it was all over and done
but we had again had
such splendid fun

So it was back to Kings Cross
for the train home with a pasty
three buzzing fellows
and I don’t mean to be nasty

That hat
Was awesome!

And that my friends was that! Until the next time, cool runnings one and all, Grant.

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