Sunday, 11 December 2011

IQ in London 10th December 2011

How a band such as IQ have never 'Made it big' in the UK I'll never know, contemporaries of Genesis and Yes, IQ have been making exquisite progressive rock music for 30 years, they have an immense back catalogue of extremely fine albums and they are a truly magnificent live act. It just had to be a Fellowship event and, this time, we were four!

IQ Test
 The Fellowship has grown once more
We welcome Peter as our newest member
And he joined us on this London trip
For another great day to remember

We met as planned and were all on time
Chris with our group four travel
And we set off from St. Evenage
More mysteries to unravel!
The Euston Tap was crowded
But we found a corner spot
Where we could see the spotlight lass
And she was really hot!

A quick stroll round the corner
To the splendid Bree Louise
No discounts on the Christmas pies
So choose something different please!
The beers were flowing freely
The pies and chips were great
The steaming mugs of hot mulled wine
Were sure to seal our fate

We made plans for the future
We toasted absent friends
We sang carols to the drinkers
This merriment never ends
Camera phones are useful
Camera phones can be fun
Pete’s collection of blackmail pic’s
Has ‘Top Dog’s on the run!

We strolled off to the bus station
To catch a bus to Islington
Met a black man from the ‘Black Country
Oh buses can be such fun!
Somewhere near the Angel
At some freaky health food shop
We got free samples of seaweed soup
Spicy strange and hot

So we queued into the 02 Academy
Which was packed with aging rockers
Got given a bunch of glow-sticks
By a lass with ENORMOUS knockers!
IQ took to the stage
And blew us all away
After 30 years of making music
Just how long would they play?

Now it’s not that unusual
And some may think that it’s a treat
But it’s not really everyday that a lass
Throws herself at Kevin’s feet!
But this poor lass had feinted
Kevin plucked her from the floor
And like a knight in shining armour
Carried her outside to the door

IQ played exquisite rock
Kevin bought us all CD’s
We’re supposed to save them for Christmas
But can I open mine now, please?
And when the gig was over
We headed to the old ‘Nag’s Head’
The band were going there for a drink
Well, that’s what the CD lady said!

Some of the band did turn up
And some autographs we did obtain
But then had to rush off
To get back to Kings Cross and our train
Armed with steaming pasties
From the West Cornwall company
We jumped aboard our northbound train
Chris, Kevin, Pete and me

Another grand Fellowship event
Was splendid beyond all measure
Now we all have such memories
That we’ll surely forever treasure.

And so that was it for another splendid Fellowship trip to London, an afternoon and a night to remember and treasure, until next time, cool runnings one and all.
Grant 11/12/11