Sunday, 15 January 2012

So Long Good Buddy - In Memory of Ron Hiles

It was just after Christmas that I heard that my friend, mentor, critic and all round good chap, Ron Hiles had passed away after a short battle with pneumonia.
Ron was a gifted writer, artist and narrator, I, among many others, will miss him so much, so by way of a tribute old mate, here's one of your paintings and my words from October last year.

FREEFALLING (Painting by Ron Hiles)

Through the morning air we flew
Gliding past the smiling sun
In a sky of azure blue?

Felt like floating in the air
The wind rushing over us
Adrenaline blew away our cares

All too soon it was time to slow
To hang beneath the canopy
And float down to the Earth below

Grant Meaby

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