Saturday, 24 March 2012


Now I don't usually do reviews or stuff like that on my page but this is different, Hunting the Great White Prawn by Ledger De La Bald is one of the funniest books I have ever read and it will appeal to anyone who has a 'quirky' sense of humour like mine!
The Kindle edition is on special offer at Amazon for a limited period for only £1.03 and that's a give-away!

Now it may be true that Ledger is a dear friend of mine but even he knows me well enough to know that I would not promote his book if I thought it was no good, but, don't just take my word for it, here's what some others have said:-

(From the 'Daily Echo')

As I wandered back through, I remembered being somewhat daunted at the prospect of reviewing a book that told the story of a prawning village but having never once been disappointed whenever I had been fortunate enough to see Mr De La Bald perform on stage, I felt sure that there must be a little something for me within those shiny covers. This turned out to be the understatement of the year!
You may be forgiven for believing that this will be a nice gentle read during those first few pages, as De La Bald sets the scene, however, it is not long before you are introduced to the characters that will ensure you will stay gripped throughout. We start with the visitor, bent only on digging out a few interesting traditions and comments from locals that might interest the world at large. From there, the delicious madness begins. Grandmothers, who decree at a childs birth to whom they will be married, only hesitating briefly to check in ‘The Big Family Book’ less family ties are a little too close for comfort. Master Miles, master of the prawning vessel ‘Prudence’, with his more than dubious tactics. The Rev Michael Grape, hell bent on closing down ‘Paradise’ the local drinking den, house of almost comic ill repute and home to the vessel capable of holding half a gallon of cider, the ‘God Forgive me’. Sweaty Betty, as she strips to her waist to create the hugely popular local fishcakes in what I truly hope is a purely fabricated method (for the love of all things holy let this be the case!) And then, there is Boathook Bald! Good old Boathook, there are in fact literally no words that can do this character justice so I can only recommend putting another log on the fire, drawing yourself a nice cool cider and introducing yourself to the man as soon as possible. I guarantee you’ll be pleased you did!

ROB'S Brother (On Amazon)
What is this book, a tale of crusty old seafaring types or the story of a middle aged office wallah's belated rite of passage? It could be seen as either, but whichever way you take it 'Hunting The Great White Prawn' is great book, funny and totally original. A word of warning: if you read it in a public place be prepared for the funny looks you get each time you laugh out loud-Ledger de la Bald's quirky and surreal humour often lulls the reader into a false sense of security-the hilarious turns of phrase come like a bolt out of the blue. Why is this person not famous??? 

So, go on, spoil yourself and get laughing!

Here's me & Ledger together in the 70's 
And more recently, me and  Ledger with Ledger's wife the artist Karen Brear, we have not changed a bit!
Cheers m'dears, cool runnings until the next time.