Friday, 11 May 2012

The Fellowship of the Stick - Spring-fest Cancelled!

There we were, all looking forward to the Cambridge Rock Festival Spring Edition when up popped 'The Drought' yes of course, ever since the UK officially announced the drought it did nothing but rain, rain, rain and many outside events were cancelled due to water-logged pitches, sites and venues, so what to do?
Well, as most of us who were going had already booked the Friday and Monday off work in anticipation, we decided that the Friday should become. 'The Just Because We can' Fellowship London Pub Crawl, something we had talked about for months but had never got round to doing, and, on Saturday, good old Maurice McComb invited us to the Melbourn Rock Club in Cambridgeshire to see Four Wheel Drive, help him celebrate his 62nd birthday and to stay overnight despite the continuing rain!

So, we did it, we really did it!

“Just Because We Can” (We did!)

Cambridge Rock Festival Spring Edition cancelled
And the Fellowship was feeling some dejection
But all great adventures start within a pub
And the “Just Because We Can” was no exception

Chris and Grant started off the proceedings
Within the ‘Standard Bearer’
Soon to meet our Kevin at the station
But the Peter was somewhat rarer!

Next it was the ‘Sir John Benjamin’
Down at St. Pancras Station
Sitting outside in the rain
With a sense of anticipation
 Off to Euston to the ‘Euston Tap’
And then to the ‘Bree Louise’
Where they even had a farting stool
You don’t see many of these!
Then underground once more we went
On our way to Waterloo
To find further solace in the ‘Hole in The Wall’
For nowhere else would do!
Thenceforth beside Old Father Thames
For a cultural Southbank stroll
To get acquainted with fine works of art
And the ‘Founders Arms’ as well
 All the way to London Bridge
And the historic ‘Old Kings Head’
There was no room inside the inn
So we sat outside instead!
Back down beneath the earth again
We made our way to Camden Town
Just in time to catch a Chinese meal
Before everything closed down
Between Camden and Chalk Hill
We didn’t have to go that far
Before we found another splendid place
The ‘BELGO’ a new Belgium themed bar

With Trappist beers at silly percents
It’s was indeed the finest way
To round off what had surely been
A very, very special day
    So a happy but weary Fellowship three
Made our way back home to bed
And made our plans for Saturday
To Melbourn Rock Club we’d be led

And any residual ‘No festival blues’
Had been all but washed away
By Fellowship and fine beers
‘Just Because We Can’, we did today.

And then of course there was the Saturday!


Some said “It wasn’t possible”
Some said “It can’t be done”
But The Fellowship likes a challenge
‘Cos challenges can be fun

With Spring-Fest being cancelled
We could have stayed at home
But that’s not the Fellowship way
So we made a festival of our own
 Friday was the London trip
Just because we could
And Saturday, oh Saturday
That turned out rather good!

Good old Mo’ invited us
To the rock club in Melbourn
He said that we could stay all night
And not leave until the morn’
So I caught the train to Arlesey
Where Chris was standing by
And so off onward to Langford
Would we all stay warm & dry?

The rain had been relentless
And was worsening by the hour
This was a continual downpour
And not just some heavy shower

Kevin was there waiting for us
It was all somewhat surreal
For he’d only been home for half an hour
Up and back from Keele!

We packed the ‘Randy Lover’
And hitched up ‘Fender’s den’
The Fellowship three were once more
‘On the road again’

We arrived at the club in Melbourn
And parked up round the side
Established our ‘camp’ quite quickly
At least we didn’t have to hide!
Three great bands played that night
And it was Maurice’s birthday
But he didn’t want to celebrate
Until the crowds had gone away
Scar City’ got us rocking first
Then ‘Stoker’ tore the place apart
With the sweet young lesbian on guitar
Stealing everybody’s hearts!
Keith and Sally Newhouse
Had joined the happy throng
It was really great to see them
Did someone mention boots & thongs?
 We dined on the finest burgers
And drank copious amounts of ale
A sense of extreme wellbeing
And happiness did prevail

Four Wheel Drive headlined the show
Sally had told us they were great
She was so right they were damn good
And played until very late!
Kevin danced and danced
And so did Chris, what’s more
The Melbourn Rock Club witnessed
Kevin’s ‘dying fly’ upon the floor!

When the show was over
Maurice’s birthday drinks began
For those brave enough to linger on
62! All respect to Mo’ ‘The man’!
Much later at some ungodly hour
We retired to Fender’s Den
Listening to CD’s of the bands we’d seen
While the rain serenaded us again
After some but not much sleep
The CD machine decided to play
Four Wheel Drive were singing again
And a giggling fit was on its way!

You should never underestimate
The soothing power of rain
Drumming upon the roof of the caravan
We were soon off to sleep again

The morning arrived so quickly
As such morning’s often do
But we had the promise of the facilities
And a full English breakfast too!
And so it was, we did it
Like a Phoenix from the flames
The festival may have been cancelled
But The Fellowship had fun and games

A weekend full of camaraderie
Of music food and beer
Such Fellowship is beyond any price
And that’s why we hold it dear
 Did I just say hold it dear?
No, I didn’t mean “Hold it dear”
I meant, ‘hold it dear’ “Oh go on”,
“Pass the tallow” But remember
Strictly No Feltching.
Perhaps maybe, some more giggling!

And there you have it, or rather there we had it, the Cambridge Rock Festival Spring Edition may have been cancelled but we made the most of a very wet weekend and had an awful lot of fun!
So, until the next time, cool runnings one and all.

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