Friday, 18 May 2012


Thursday the 3rd of May was an ordinary working day, not that any day where we work can often be described as 'ordinary'.
However, after work, and luckily we can finish at 16:00 and are only a few minutes walk from Stevenage Station, a certain group of gentlemen went off to London to see Manfred Mann's EarthBand at The Jazz Cafe in Camden.
This of course meant that the gig was preceded by a visit to a couple of our favourite London pubs and Camden Market.
How so much could happen in one short evening is anybody's guess!

Pat-a-cake pat-a-cake Manfred Mann

On Thursday the 3rd of May
as the hour was approaching four
Kevin, Chris, Grant & Pete
were heading for the door
from Stevenage to London
on the southbound train
the Fellowship were four once more
and on the move again

Taking a break from tradition
a London stroll was had
Kings Cross down to Euston
10 minutes can't be bad
in fact it was much quicker
than travelling by underground
and we arrived by the Cider Tap
and guess what Kevin found?

When you're in a cider pub
with ciders by the score
you don't expect to find a stout
and a damn fine one that's for sure!
But across the road the Euston Tap
was calling us by name
and to have missed the Black IPA
would have been such a shame!

Nicely fuelled by finest ales
it was time to take the bus
to Camden Town just down the road
and then the four of us
played pat-a-cake pat-a-cake bakers man
the girls joined in too
amid squeals and howls and giggling
we caused quite a to do!

In Camden above The Underworld
we found the' World's End' pub
and after another welcome pint
it was time to find some grub
on the way to the Chinese food stall
our Kevin bought a hat
a damn fine tile that made us smile
now what do you think of that!

We haggled for 'Bang bang' chicken
and other dishes too
and somehow wrangled a small discount
that's what you're meant to do
nicely replete and thirsty
we were on our way
to the prime objective of our trip
Manfred Mann's Earth-Band, Jazz Cafe

Support came from Tom Moriarty
a singer songwriter who was OK
when suddenly we all noticed
that Kevin had gone astray!
He'd just popped out for a coffee
to Costa across the road not very far
and while he was away a photographer
spilt Kevin's cider across the bar!

I met two blokes from Bristol
outside the Jazz Cafe
they were up for Manfred Mann's Earth-Band
and London for the day
and Peter got a phone call
we thought he'd not hear it in the bar
so we shouted and made rude comments
not knowing it was from HR!

Manfred Mann's Earth Band
were brilliant beyond any doubt
they played all the old favourite songs
which made us dance about
and when the gig was over
it was time to make our way
back down into the underground
at the end of a splendid day

The people on the tube train
from Camden to Kings Cross
didn't want to played pat-a-cake
oh well that was just their loss
but there was the gorgeous blonde lass
with the DM's with roses on
our Sally would have liked them
if she had come along

And then there was the train home
with huge hot pasties from Cornwall
which Kevin had run and purchased
with the kitty & spent it all
and the lads and the lasses
fresh from their office do
getting lessons in 'Old Geordie'
yes, they'd been drinking too!

This trip had been a good one
as Fellowship events tend to be
Manfred Mann, beer & food
Kevin, Chris, Pete and me
so here's until the next one
until we meet again
perhaps next time we'll get the crowd
doing pat-a-cake on the train!

Good grief, all in one evening, the other great thing is that this event triggered five additional humorous poems!
What on Earth will we get up to next? Well, all I can say is wait and see!
Until the next time, cool runnings one and all and stay safe.
Grant Meaby

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