Friday, 22 June 2012

This and That

So, here we are again, the great British summer is with us, we have high winds, rain, the cancellation of many outdoor events due to our wonderful weather and, even if such events do go a head, you can look forward to a soaking at the very least!

To be fair we have had some sunny weather, in-between the showers, in fact when the sun does shine it's remarkably hot!
All this has led to a proliferation and abundance of things green, the grass in my garden is thicker, taller and greener than it's ever been, bushes and trees are 'in leaf' in a volume rarely seen, flowers normally associated with mid to late summer have already come and in many cases gone.

Mid summer, huh?

The Solstice, well, it gets light at just before 4am, the birds kick off their 'Dawn Chorus', the cats wake up demanding to be fed, I wake up, no one else in the house wakes up and I'm faced with a few hours of respite and freedom before the day begins in earnest!

An experiment, false colours, rather pleasing though not really that exciting, probably better to concentrate on something more important, like a couple (or more) of my recent poems:-

The Rain Effect
I f you stop and think you can't complain 

we really do need a lot more rain 

the long dry summer we had last year 

and a mild-ish winter we all did cheer 

and this year too what did it bring? 
An unseasonably warm dry spring 
so the reservoirs are running low 
and the aquifers deep down below 
there really could be nothing worse 
lack of water leads us to the hearse 
Insufficient rain could, I fear
Lead to a shortage of our beer

so the government imposed a hosepipe ban 

just before the rain began 

and it rained, and it rained 
and it rained, and it rained 
Farmers may well indeed rejoice 

but to these things I must give voice

Now we have the flood alerts 

and other things that really hurt 
what's wrong with this bloody nation 
outside events suffer cancelation 
we should be used to it, after all 
it's 'British Weather' I hear the call 
we cannot cope with snow no doubt 
or autumn leaves or summer drought 
or frost or fog or ice or rain 
what's that? The suns come out again 
but sadly now it's all too late 
the British weather has sealed our fate!

Old Age can be a Bastard
I saw the old gentleman from down the road
Leaning against a wall to catch his breath
No longer can he make it to the shops and back
Without stopping for a rest
And I thought, old age can be a bastard

I saw the old lady from across the street
Struggling onto the bus with her Rollator
It’s a trip she makes everyday
It seems that she has no one to help her
And I thought, old age can be a bastard

I never see the old couple anymore
From the house on the corner
I saw the ambulance arrive, many times
And then they simply weren’t there anymore
And I thought, old age can be a bastard

I don’t see many of my friends these days
In fact I hardly see anyone to talk to at all
But I watch from the comfort of my arm chair
And watch the dramas as they unfold
And I thought, old age can be a bastard

I’d like to help them all, I really would
But it’s impossible for me to assist in any way
I’ve an important job to do
So I keep remote, detached, far away
And I still think, old age can be a bastard

But, wait a minute, what’s going on here?
A group of kids playing football around the shops
“This is CCTV control, get the police round there now
Make sure it quickly stops”
That’ll please the old folks.

Memory Quote
“If two people tell you the same thing,
Then it must be a lie”
Is often attributed to the late Oscar Wilde
But this may be a misquote
Or a misconception
In more ways than one
Perhaps some correction, is required

My friend Bob said
“I learn a new name every day”
And then went on to say
“It’s to replace the one name I’ve forgotten,
My memory these days is so awfully rotten!”

And within the space of a day or two
Shaun, without prompting expounded too
He told me, “Memory is not just about remembering,
It’s also about forgetting”
So, if two people tell you the same thing
Perhaps in different ways
And in unrelated circumstances
What are the chances?
In fact, without any further ado
I tend to believe that it may be true!

Wandering Ghost
We wander like ghosts
Around impersonal hotels
When alone away on business
It could be anywhere in the world
Especially if it’s airport
To hotel to factory
To hotel
To sit alone
For your evening meal
If you’re lucky there may be
A friendly face at the bar
Someone with whom to converse
Someone just like you are
It’s more fun when with colleagues
There’s so much more you can do
But when all alone
When it’s just you
You become
A wandering ghost.

All poems above copyright Grant Meaby 2012, have fun everyone, until the next time, cool runnings and fair winds.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Chris’s 60th Birthday Bash

In the month of June 2012 our dear friend Chris Foskett reached 3 score years!

Chris’s 60th Birthday Bash

Do you remember that scene from The Omen? 

When they are taking young Damien to a wedding 
when he first sets eyes on the church 
he starts fitting and screaming and yelling

Well, that was me as we turned into the grounds 
of the C C C C Con, Conservative Club 
but reassured by Paul and Kevin 
and the though of some good beer and grub

I quite quickly resumed my composure 

after all I was travelling somewhat incognito 
dressed head to tail in blue for Chris’s 60th 
it was the very least I could do!

CC Smugglers provided the music 
and a damn fine job they did make 
appealing to the young and the mature folk 
as we danced while our thirst we did slake

Chris was bombarded with presents 

now then what do you think 
many came in the shape of a bottle 
yes most of them were some form of drink!

Keith and Sally popped in at the beginning 
to say “Hi” and to wish Chris the best 
before zooming off  to Bedford Esquires 
and putting their dance moves to test!

There were friends from Astrium galore 

those working and some lucky ones retired 
friends & family from the village and Con club 
Plus Gill and the sons Chris had sired

And everyone had a great time 
Chris’s cake was simply stunning to see 
it was a couple of cars on a racetrack 
with Chris as a marshal at the Grand Prix

And the CC Smugglers played on 

and some of us danced just for fun 
Chris bash was quite simply just brilliant 
and we were all sad when it was over and done.

Until the next time, stay dry!

Grant Meaby June 2012

Saturday, 9 June 2012


This was an event not to be missed, Sally Newhouse's annual birthday bash at Esquires (Danny's Bar) in Bedford, it was on Sunday 3rd June, the same day as the Queen's Thames Pageant, and both events were enjoyed, for somewhat different reasons!

Sally’s Birthday Bash – The Event

Now one thing that the Fellowship likes best of all
Is going along somewhere to a decent Real Ale festival
And so in 2012 on Sunday the 3rd of June
Missing out the pub and the Weatherspoons
We ambled down the road to take some welcome relief
Within the Village club, called The ‘Ivy Leaf’
Where the Langford Beer Festival was in full swing
And the Queen’s Jubilee pageant was on the big screen


As the Queen made her way down Old father Thames
There was some hilarious ‘commentary’ from among certain friends
And so we spent a somewhat splendid afternoon
But it was just a prelude for what was to come soon
And so without further ado or any fuss
At 4, Dianne picked up the Fellowship three of us
And through the driving rain we settled in the car
To be transported off to Bedford, off to ‘Danny’s Bar’
The Queen may have been celebrating her Diamond Jubilee
But we had someone really special that The Fellowship had to see

It was Sally Newhouse’s Annual Birthday Bash
With friends and family all out together on ‘The lash’
In old Bedford town where it of course transpires
There’s a nice little music venue and it’s called ‘Esquires’
And from 4:30 in the afternoon until around about 8:00
The X-Certs were playing and we just couldn’t wait
After all, I mean, when its all been said and done
We just had to go along and join in all the fun!


Sally was there waiting and it was plain for all to see
She was enjoying the event with her friends and family
There were metallers,  punks and skinheads and hippies all to suss
(We were probably the least normal out of any or all of us)

The X-Certs played so well an eclectic mix of songs
And we joined in and jigged and danced and we sang along
In-between platefuls of tasty  ‘traditional’ party food
And a Union Jack cake which itself was really rather good
Of course we drank so much, such copious amounts of beer
That it very soon became quite obvious and absolutely clear
This was indeed a night, a night to be remembered
(If only lather the next day from the photographs later rendered!)

Kevin even invented a new sort of ale
‘Jelly Baby Bitter’ which of course did entail
A hapless jelly baby going for a dive
Into a glass of beer could the little chap survive?
He took a Hula Hoop ‘Life Ring’ and also chucked that in
It was a real case of, would it sink or would it swim?
(It sank!)

The X-Certs played ‘Queen Bitch’ and we donned our silly hats
And bibbed and bopped with Sally and we danced around like twats
When everyone was feeling somewhat tired and rather hot
Sally cooled us all down with some ice cold lollipops!

When the party part was all over which in fact wasn’t strictly true
As it carried on upstairs with bands and acoustically in Holy Molly’s too
And one thing which was amazing, awesome and surprising
All the way down from York came Paul from Morpheus Rising
It was great to catch up and to spend such a brilliant time
With Sally and her friends and family and those crazy friends of mine
And there’s really only one thing left and that’s for us all to say
Thank you, thank you Sally for such a brilliant day.

So, until the next time (Chris's Sixtieth birthday bash) stay safe one and all, but in the meantime enjoy some of Sally's work:-

Grant Meaby
9th June 2012