Thursday, 14 June 2012

Chris’s 60th Birthday Bash

In the month of June 2012 our dear friend Chris Foskett reached 3 score years!

Chris’s 60th Birthday Bash

Do you remember that scene from The Omen? 

When they are taking young Damien to a wedding 
when he first sets eyes on the church 
he starts fitting and screaming and yelling

Well, that was me as we turned into the grounds 
of the C C C C Con, Conservative Club 
but reassured by Paul and Kevin 
and the though of some good beer and grub

I quite quickly resumed my composure 

after all I was travelling somewhat incognito 
dressed head to tail in blue for Chris’s 60th 
it was the very least I could do!

CC Smugglers provided the music 
and a damn fine job they did make 
appealing to the young and the mature folk 
as we danced while our thirst we did slake

Chris was bombarded with presents 

now then what do you think 
many came in the shape of a bottle 
yes most of them were some form of drink!

Keith and Sally popped in at the beginning 
to say “Hi” and to wish Chris the best 
before zooming off  to Bedford Esquires 
and putting their dance moves to test!

There were friends from Astrium galore 

those working and some lucky ones retired 
friends & family from the village and Con club 
Plus Gill and the sons Chris had sired

And everyone had a great time 
Chris’s cake was simply stunning to see 
it was a couple of cars on a racetrack 
with Chris as a marshal at the Grand Prix

And the CC Smugglers played on 

and some of us danced just for fun 
Chris bash was quite simply just brilliant 
and we were all sad when it was over and done.

Until the next time, stay dry!

Grant Meaby June 2012

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