Saturday, 9 June 2012


This was an event not to be missed, Sally Newhouse's annual birthday bash at Esquires (Danny's Bar) in Bedford, it was on Sunday 3rd June, the same day as the Queen's Thames Pageant, and both events were enjoyed, for somewhat different reasons!

Sally’s Birthday Bash – The Event

Now one thing that the Fellowship likes best of all
Is going along somewhere to a decent Real Ale festival
And so in 2012 on Sunday the 3rd of June
Missing out the pub and the Weatherspoons
We ambled down the road to take some welcome relief
Within the Village club, called The ‘Ivy Leaf’
Where the Langford Beer Festival was in full swing
And the Queen’s Jubilee pageant was on the big screen


As the Queen made her way down Old father Thames
There was some hilarious ‘commentary’ from among certain friends
And so we spent a somewhat splendid afternoon
But it was just a prelude for what was to come soon
And so without further ado or any fuss
At 4, Dianne picked up the Fellowship three of us
And through the driving rain we settled in the car
To be transported off to Bedford, off to ‘Danny’s Bar’
The Queen may have been celebrating her Diamond Jubilee
But we had someone really special that The Fellowship had to see

It was Sally Newhouse’s Annual Birthday Bash
With friends and family all out together on ‘The lash’
In old Bedford town where it of course transpires
There’s a nice little music venue and it’s called ‘Esquires’
And from 4:30 in the afternoon until around about 8:00
The X-Certs were playing and we just couldn’t wait
After all, I mean, when its all been said and done
We just had to go along and join in all the fun!


Sally was there waiting and it was plain for all to see
She was enjoying the event with her friends and family
There were metallers,  punks and skinheads and hippies all to suss
(We were probably the least normal out of any or all of us)

The X-Certs played so well an eclectic mix of songs
And we joined in and jigged and danced and we sang along
In-between platefuls of tasty  ‘traditional’ party food
And a Union Jack cake which itself was really rather good
Of course we drank so much, such copious amounts of beer
That it very soon became quite obvious and absolutely clear
This was indeed a night, a night to be remembered
(If only lather the next day from the photographs later rendered!)

Kevin even invented a new sort of ale
‘Jelly Baby Bitter’ which of course did entail
A hapless jelly baby going for a dive
Into a glass of beer could the little chap survive?
He took a Hula Hoop ‘Life Ring’ and also chucked that in
It was a real case of, would it sink or would it swim?
(It sank!)

The X-Certs played ‘Queen Bitch’ and we donned our silly hats
And bibbed and bopped with Sally and we danced around like twats
When everyone was feeling somewhat tired and rather hot
Sally cooled us all down with some ice cold lollipops!

When the party part was all over which in fact wasn’t strictly true
As it carried on upstairs with bands and acoustically in Holy Molly’s too
And one thing which was amazing, awesome and surprising
All the way down from York came Paul from Morpheus Rising
It was great to catch up and to spend such a brilliant time
With Sally and her friends and family and those crazy friends of mine
And there’s really only one thing left and that’s for us all to say
Thank you, thank you Sally for such a brilliant day.

So, until the next time (Chris's Sixtieth birthday bash) stay safe one and all, but in the meantime enjoy some of Sally's work:-

Grant Meaby
9th June 2012 

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