Tuesday, 10 July 2012


CELEBR8 the one festival that the rain could not affect as it was held indoors at the Hippodrome, Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Displaying a 'Corporate Image' may be an important and powerful thing
it can deliver a meaningful message and the rewards just come rolling in!

So, with amazing matching shirts somewhat colourful in style
all the way from Mexico the Fellowship stuck out a mile!

Celebr8 was on in Kingston t the ‘Corona's' were in town
The Hippodrome crowd wondered. "Just what was going down?"

Celebr8 was an indoors event so the weather really didn't matter
but it did impede our getting there leaving our best laid plans in tatters

The Langford raft race was, it seems, a somewhat smaller event this year
sort of 'Blink and you missed it' as the weather once more interfered

(Kevin blinked and he missed it!)

Then the Polo got a puncture a bolt right through the tyre
so it was off to Kwik-Fit to fix it much to Kevin's frustration and ire

But at least it was done for free and at last we were on our way
to join the queues on the M25 this soggy Saturday

Then the queue past Hampton Court for the bloody flower show
the time was passing quickly but the traffic was so slow

When we finally got to Kingston we couldn't check in until three
so a six minute pint in the 'Fighting Cocks' suited Kev, Chris, Pete & me

The hotel key machine was broken and it stayed that way all weekend
the poor sod on reception really needed to call a friend!

But, we finally made it the Hippodrome and we'd only missed the opening act
the rest of the day was pure brilliance but for one important fact

The bar ran out of beer overpriced though it was
but the bands were bloody brilliant and the Fellowship had fun because

We switched to drinking Jack Daniels or in Chris's case the rum
we met loads of lovely people 'cos that's the way that Fellowship’s done

And when the first day was over we found a chicken take-away
Peter, Chris and I went off to bed while Kevin went out again to play!

Sunday morning and a Weatherspoons breakfast was the order of the day
then a Thames side walk & the regatta to pass the time away

 A peaceful stroll through the historic old town of Kingston Upon Thames
then back to a certain establishment, yes Weatherspoons again

A quick sortie to the hotel to put on our 'Corporate' shirts
then ‘Spoonies’ again for Ham egg & chips 'Ouch, that Tequila really hurts!"

Then off to the Hippodrome again for day two of Celebr8
this time we were there for the start on time and not too late

And the Sunday was also awesome, every bit as good as the Saturday
fantastic bands and Fellowship and lots of new friends along the way

Andy & Liz from Hull, Emma down from Darlo
Paul from Pallas, lovely chap, & a certain Leon we all know

So many good bands & artists played it's not fair to name them one by one
suffice to say we enjoyed them all yes the Fellowship had fun

And when Sunday was all finished no one was in any sort of hurry
so with Emma & Paul joining us we went off for a curry

So here's to 'Twang' and everyone involved in putting on the event
Celebr8 was quite simply magnificent we’re all glad that we went

The photo's are up on Facebook new friends now mostly 'Friended'
a weekend of magnificence that we all wish could have never ended

So, until the next time................................

Grant Meaby

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