Monday, 16 July 2012


This year I had the privilege of co-hosting the Arcade Eclectic Stage with Chris Ripple (The stage manager) at the Rhythms of the World Festival in the beautiful grounds of the Priory in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
We had an amazing line up of music and poetry over the two days of Saturday and Sunday the 14th & 15th July.
Despite the English weather doing its utmost to ruin the event on Saturday, it did force a two hour delay to the start, however, due to the wonderful artists we had lined up, who all agreed to cut their sets  by a few minutes and the amazing sound team and stage technicians speeding up the change-overs, we managed, or should I say Chris managed, to get everyone on (Unlike some of the other stages at the festival who sadly had to cut several acts out).

Saturday 14th July.

The entrance to our stage area.

In our setting by the river.

One of the many colourful paintings around our stage area.

Saturday 14th July, the Artists:


Red Maxx


Dangerous Dinky

Marching Donald

The Ukabilly Big Band

The one and only Edgar Broughton (Whom I had the honour of introducing). 

Legendary Bluesman Skip 'Little Axe' McDonald

The Zipheads doing a fine set to bring the Saturday to a close.

Sunday 15th July.
The sun was shining, OK so it may have been a bit muddy but it was dry and so much warmer, in fact it didn't rain at all!

The Artists:

Lee Claydon

Mark Astronaut & Dom.

The wonderful poet, Joy T Chance.

The Finger Choppers (Being introduced by Chris Ripple)

Parnassus Performance Poetry Slam, left to right, Sarah Power, Chris Ripple, Graeme Lloyd & me.


Blair Dunlop (Actor, singer song writer & Son of Ashley Hutchings, who was also there)

The wonderful Lika Sharps, one of my own favourite bands.

And finally, bringing the proceedings on our stage to a stupendous close, I have not laughed so long and so loudly, was the really obnoxious, offensive, brilliant, Spandex Ballet.

All in all a damn fine weekend full of music, poetry, comedy, camaraderie, hard work but above all else fun and that's thanks to everyone involved in making Rhythms what it is and especially the Arcade Eclectic Stage a very special place to be, apparently there were one or two other stages as well! OK, it's a pretty big festival and there were other stages and some amazing acts from around the world and the best of the local bands and artists but this year I really didn't want to move away from our little piece of heaven tucked away down by the river, in fact I only sneaked off at the end of each day when we we done, on Saturday to see The Damned and on Sunday to see My Passion.
Now some of you may wonder how come this festival is not a 'Fellowship of the Stick' event, quite simple, myself, Chris F, Paul 'Smiffy' were all actually working at this festival and Kevin came along as a punter on the Sunday, so maybe, in a way, it was!

Chris did a stalwart job on Gate Duty

Paul obviously worked his proverbial s off helping Lynne at Fancy Tatt!

And when Paul took a break he helped ensure that Kevin had a good time.

So until the next time, enjoy your summers one and all.

Grant Meaby - July 2012


  1. Well since I was mentioned in glowing terms I'm not going to complain... My blog is now only one year behind, so anybody wanting to know what I thought of them last year can google it up.
    It's not that hard to find...

    1. For me the sun shone all the time - so there was mud, rain and it was not that warm; however the Arcadeclectic Stage (In the words of Stevie Wonder) was "Hotter Than July"!!!

      Our little stage as always had heart, warmth, laughter and the true spirit of Rhythms - Happy 21st ROTW, Big Up & Blessings, Peace and Love Always to all our performers and audience .

  2. Ok, I'll admit to a gi-normous dose of bias here... But I couldn't have put it better than Joy did.