Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sunrises and Sunsets

Here are a some pictures of sunrises and sunsets and a couple of poems from my recent holiday in Sheringham, Norfolk, a really stunning and largely unspoiled part of the Norfolk coast.
During this holiday we were blessed by the most beautiful of weather which in turn gave us the chance to witness some awesome sunrises and sunsets and some of the clearest night skies I've seen for years.


First Light

During the warm clear days of summer
When the weather smiles upon us benign
I long to greet each new day dawning
So I rise as the sun starts to shine

I love this time of the morning
When the pigeons line up on the fence
They scatter all of a flutter
As the dog conducts her reconnaissance

Every inch of the garden patrolled
Every patch of lawn to be sniffed
There could be a cat lurking somewhere
Or better game not to be missed

The cry of the gulls overhead
Fresh from their scavenging in town
Last night’s discarded takeaways
Now cleared as the day settles down

The kettle boils in the kitchen
The aroma of coffee fills the air
As I sit in quiet contemplation
Before anyone else is astir

These precious hours of solitude
Spent watching the world as it wakes
Is for me one of life’s pleasures
Treasured times of long summer breaks

I may relish the end of the day
The dark and the still of the night
But above all I long to embrace
The new day, beginning at first light.

Grant Meaby


And, when the light had really gone down!

Standing Away from the Light

You can often see more stars
On the clearest and darkest of nights
Then perhaps you ever dreamed were there
When standing away from the lights

Our Galaxy, the  ‘Milky Way’
Appears as a  ‘wispy’ cloud like thread
Behind and between the stars
Shining so bright overhead

Familiar constellations seem obscured
Among the millions of stars so bright
Somewhat less recognisable in form
When standing away from the light

Satellites criss-cross the sky
Traversing in perfect straight lines
Bright specs of man’s engineering endeavour
Following set courses of distance and time

Yet man is no match for the splendour
Revealed on the clearest of nights
Of our cosmological wonders
When standing away from the lights

Shooting stars, meteors showers
Streaking arcs across the sky
Blaze with momentary glory
As they burn up and die

And we are left gazing in awe at the stars
Shining clear and so bright
A whole universe filled with such wonder
When standing away from the light.

Grant Meaby

All photographs above and the poems 'Fist Light' and 'Standing Away From the Light' Copyright Grant Meaby, August 2012, all rights reserved.
Until the next time, enjoy our wonderful 'Indian Summer' one and all.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Cambridge rock festival 2012 was, quite simply, excellent, 4 days of brilliant music, lovely people, reasonably priced food and a massive real ale and cider bar that would impress even the most discerning CAMRA member!
The weather was OK, we did have some rain, I think each morning but they were only showers and did nothing to dampen anyone's enthusiasm for the festival, the sun came out with a vengeance each afternoon and the evenings were simply exquisite.

The Fellowship of the Stick were there in force as were our friends from the Melbourn Rock Club (Many thanks to Maurice McComb & his seemingly endless supply of Scotch for a very entertaining after hours party on the Thursday night!).
So many friends were there too, Keith & Sally Newhouse, Tim and Jo Hundy, Roma Thias, Jane Armstrong & family, 'Tall guy', 'Gravedigger', John Routledge, Ben Bubar, The Langford Crew, The Yorkshire contingent, Ben Parkinson, Dave Roberts and the team, 'The Dancing Couple', The 'Poodle Guys', etc. 


My Camrock

It was Cambridge Rock Festival time once again
With the Fellowship ensconced within Fender’s Den
Thursday night was, as ever, the tribute bands
After a libation or two in the caravan
That night we were the Fellowship four
Appearing as the fabulous Corona’s once more
We welcomed guests, we posed for camera’s
Kevin, Chris, Grant, Paul & Mr. Jack Daniels

Old friends we met like the wonderful Keith & Sally
Tim & Jo Hundy, (Enid) Jane and her lovely family
More and more they came along
The Melbourn Rock Club with Maurice McComb
With whom the Fellowship did end that night
And we saw off a few scotches (Bottles) alright
Oh Maurice, Maurice what have you done?
You nearly killed off the Fellowship one by one!

When we finally surfaced on Friday morning
The day had crept up without any warning
The Fellowship was somewhat a little hung-over
Except for Paul who had been the most sober
He raced off home in the early hours
While we took turns at leisurely showers
And then something just not to be missed
The finest ‘Full English’ hand cooked by Chris

I’ll not bother to list all the bands that we saw
For lists can be boring and what’s more
There’s other important things to be captured here
Like the splendid assortment of ciders and beer
Which by mid- afternoon had somewhat assisted
To cure hang-overs although spirits were resisted
Top notch rock & blues all day and all night
Saw us all somewhat recovered alright
It was after all a very special day
For Fender was allowed out to play

Willy was banned for some spurious crime
It really didn’t seem quite right at the time
We met and hit it off with ‘Grave-digger’ John
And several of his acquaintances who were also along
There were tales of lost feathers from Kevin’s hat
Found and handed in now just fancy that!
There was Leslie from Stevenage all hair and beard
The ‘Dancing couple’ from Skeggy, ever so weird

There were the Scotties with their hourly costume change
Fun folk, normal folk, some folk just strange
Saturday saw the first heavy rain
But the sun soon came out once again
There was ‘Pulled Pork’ with the huge BBQ
And loads of other food stalls to temp me & you
From one certain stall someone found it hard to budge
And that just happened to be the one selling fudge
But confidentiality here is the order of the day
So just who it was I simply cannot say!

John Routledge had a camera almost as big as him
The lady in the red top hat looking elegant and trim
‘Ozzy’ lady was on steward duty having lots of fun
The tall Letchworth guy showing how it should be done
The lovely Roma Thias and her photographer friend
And thank God the coffee lads were also there again
The truly excellent pizza’s tasted oh so good
Hand made to order and baked over burning wood

And we rocked and we danced and we sang along
Yes Cambridge 2012 certainly rang our gong
Sunday came around so fast
Such wonderful times and memories that last
We met musicians and artists and other punters too
Some even as mad as the likes of me and you
It made our day to meet Ben Parkinson and see him walking
And even better still to hear him talking.

There were doggies there were kids and inflatable arm-chairs
And mega thunderstorms that passed us by, by just a hair!
So much to remember so much to take away
That all I now have left to say, is
Thank you Dave & Julia Roberts and all of the crew
For making Cambridge 2012 such a hell of a splendid do. 

Indeed, many thanks to Dave Roberts and his family & the amazing crew of helpers, stewards, security, staff, in fact everyone who made the event so safe and enjoyable and to all the bands and musicians who put on the most splendid of gigs and to all the festival goers, old friends and new, what a splendid occasion it was.

Some of my general pictures of artists:-

And some of my selected festival scenes and people.

So, until the next time, cool runnings one and all, Grant Meaby, August 2012.