Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sunrises and Sunsets

Here are a some pictures of sunrises and sunsets and a couple of poems from my recent holiday in Sheringham, Norfolk, a really stunning and largely unspoiled part of the Norfolk coast.
During this holiday we were blessed by the most beautiful of weather which in turn gave us the chance to witness some awesome sunrises and sunsets and some of the clearest night skies I've seen for years.


First Light

During the warm clear days of summer
When the weather smiles upon us benign
I long to greet each new day dawning
So I rise as the sun starts to shine

I love this time of the morning
When the pigeons line up on the fence
They scatter all of a flutter
As the dog conducts her reconnaissance

Every inch of the garden patrolled
Every patch of lawn to be sniffed
There could be a cat lurking somewhere
Or better game not to be missed

The cry of the gulls overhead
Fresh from their scavenging in town
Last night’s discarded takeaways
Now cleared as the day settles down

The kettle boils in the kitchen
The aroma of coffee fills the air
As I sit in quiet contemplation
Before anyone else is astir

These precious hours of solitude
Spent watching the world as it wakes
Is for me one of life’s pleasures
Treasured times of long summer breaks

I may relish the end of the day
The dark and the still of the night
But above all I long to embrace
The new day, beginning at first light.

Grant Meaby


And, when the light had really gone down!

Standing Away from the Light

You can often see more stars
On the clearest and darkest of nights
Then perhaps you ever dreamed were there
When standing away from the lights

Our Galaxy, the  ‘Milky Way’
Appears as a  ‘wispy’ cloud like thread
Behind and between the stars
Shining so bright overhead

Familiar constellations seem obscured
Among the millions of stars so bright
Somewhat less recognisable in form
When standing away from the light

Satellites criss-cross the sky
Traversing in perfect straight lines
Bright specs of man’s engineering endeavour
Following set courses of distance and time

Yet man is no match for the splendour
Revealed on the clearest of nights
Of our cosmological wonders
When standing away from the lights

Shooting stars, meteors showers
Streaking arcs across the sky
Blaze with momentary glory
As they burn up and die

And we are left gazing in awe at the stars
Shining clear and so bright
A whole universe filled with such wonder
When standing away from the light.

Grant Meaby

All photographs above and the poems 'Fist Light' and 'Standing Away From the Light' Copyright Grant Meaby, August 2012, all rights reserved.
Until the next time, enjoy our wonderful 'Indian Summer' one and all.

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