Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Balstock & Allen

Balstock and Allen, Solicitors? No, Estate Agents? No, Balstock, the annual free music festival in Baldock, 3 days of excellent music in the streets and the pubs throughout the town and all done to raise money for charity, this year they chose to support the restoration of their Town hall which is in fact used by many local groups and societies and if I had a pound for every time I'd been there when the girls were growing up as they took their ballet exams, well, I'd be a rich man! All in all a very worthy cause, all run by local people for local people.

Due to a number of reasons and prior engagements I could only make the Saturday but what a day, it was hot, sunny, dry, that in itself was reason enough to celebrate, but, not only was it my mate Kevin's birthday, a select group of us were booked in to see Daevid Allen (The Man from Gong) and the Magick Brothers at Club-85 in Hitchin that evening and the support was coming from Mark Astronaut and Dom doing a semi acoustic set (Can you do acoustic with an electric guitar?and opening the bill was the amazing Matt Stevens (Who I'd actually got the gig for), so, Balstock and Allen, get it?

Balstock And Allen

Balstock & Allen solicited the best from us
A day in the sun with beer, music and The Fellowship plus
Kerry & Lynne and even later on a Mark
Just to add to the spark
Balstock music festival in the streets and in the pubs

Chris and I met at 1:30 in The Engine
But all too soon
It was time to make our way to The White Lion
For The Elephant in the Room
And to catch up with Paul & Lynne & Kerry and Kevin
To drink more beers, to make merry
To celebrate in style, Kevin’s birthday

The band played well,  a nice tight set
They even had Willie dancing and prancing
And a gaggle of wide eyed teenage girls all of a whirl
At Ben’s magnificent front of stage presence
Oh the innocence of youth
Ain’t that the truth?

Through the streets of Baldock we made our way
Back to The Engine
To hear Chas, of Chas and Dave fame play
Dave wasn’t there, a shame, but
It was fun to hear some good old Cockney rock & roll
But upon one of our number some strange bug took its toll!
And Chris sloped off home to slumber
In between trips to the loo!

Poor Chris, at this stage a big “Ahh” is called for
What’s more, he missed the act of the afternoon
Heretics Dream all the way from Italy
Operatic Goth metal in the Nightwish, Lacuna Coil style

All the while Lynne was busy working away
Air-brushing tattoos and just for fun & charity
We had ours done before a lovely kind Dianne
Whisked Kevin and I away
To Hitchin to meet with Peter and Mark
And a wholesome start with a birthday ale
At the Nightingale

We raised our glasses to absent friends
And spent his portion of the kitty, pity
But the chicken and chips were very, very nice
To be honest we didn’t think twice
Everything is sort-able later!

Club-85 really came alive
Matt Stevens was magnificent
Mark Astronaut and Dominique were slick
And the Magick Brothers just took us off to Planet Gong
Under a Kangaroo Moon
It was a special occasion, every song

Chris and Haddy were there
Alan Richardson was on the sound
Bob was pleased
Good vibes did abound
I think even Mark quite enjoyed it!

It was Kevin’s birthday
It was a Fellowship day
It was special
In every way
Apart from missing our poor Chris
But we had a good time and just got pissed
And anyway
There’s nothing more to say!

The Elephant in the Room

Kevin & Kerry

A very proud Smiffy

Lynne hard at work

Heretics Dream

 My tattoo

Peter and mark pray for a good time!

The three amigos 

Matt Stevens

The Astronauts

 Daevid Allen and The Magick Brothers

 Words, pictures, cosmic blessings, Grant Meaby September 2012, until the next time, cool runnings one and all.