Thursday, 18 October 2012

A Jolly Splendid Day

Well, finally it arrived, 13th October that is, my birthday and as it happened it turned out to be a very memorable one indeed!
Talking of memorable birthdays, my previously most memorable ones were my 13th which happened to fall on Friday the 13th and my 40th when I was hosting a Parnassus performance show entitled "Mickey's Night Out", my son Jae had sent me a tin of cigars with a note saying, "Dad, open these when you're doing your show", I did and inside was another note saying, "Congratulations, you're going to be a granddad!".
What could top that, well Saturday 13th October 2012 came pretty close, after a splendid day at home with the family, lovely presents and a fabulous birthday cake, I then went off to Hitchin to meet friends for a birthday drink in the Nightingale followed by a splendid gig at Club-85 with Golddust, The Defekters and Scum of Toytown which incidentally I had been asked not only to host but to do some poetry between the bands, awesome.

So, the day, my splendid T shirt from Keira:-

My birthday Cake

And of course, the night!

 A Jolly Splendid Day
I’d already had a splendid day at home with my family & friends
It was one of those days that I wished would never end
But the evening was of course, still there yet to come
And what had been planned for the night was sure to be such fun!

I met Ignatius at the station at the time we had agreed
We caught the train to Hitchin such was our mutual need
To start off at the Nightingale where such events so often do
We enjoyed a quiet start with the pair of us, just two

And then Kevin, Chris and Paul arrived and made us a merry throng
A few minutes before Peter too came in, well it wasn’t very long
We enjoyed a birthday beer or two or maybe three or four
And all too soon it was time for me to be heading out the door

I made my way down the street along to Club-85
To find my lovely wife and daughters waiting there outside
I reported in for duty to Bob, Steve, Jon and Matt
And let them know what I had planned and they were cool with that

The bands all sang “Happy Birthday” as I walked in through the door
This was a great way to set me up for all that was to be ‘in-store’
The punters flooded in and they were quite an awesome crowd
So to introduce Gold Dust I did “The Sound Check” nice and loud 

For the Defekters I regaled them with “How to Recreate a Festival at Home”
That seemed to go down very well I was certainly not alone!
And for Scum of Toy town, a bit of our joint history first was shared
Before “The Old Folks Home for Rockers” specially adapted and prepared

I enjoyed all the music and I enjoyed the company
All in all it was just so good, so memorable for me
So thank you to everyone involved, all I have left to say
Is it’s down to each and every one of you for such a jolly splendid day. 

The poems mentioned within the above can be found at

In the Nightingale


Me on stage ranting poetically

The Defekters

Scum of Toytown

A montage of memories

So, to everyone who came and made it such a fantastic day and evening, thank you all so much and to everyone else, cool runnings until the next time.
Grant October 2012

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