Sunday, 30 December 2012

More Than Just Another Tribute Band

Anyone who has seen and heard The Pink Floyd Dimension before will know that they are so much more than just another Pink Floyd tribute band, in fact they knock spots off most of the other Floyd acts around.

The difference is that PFD really analyse Pink Floyd's music and faithfully recreate it, they can also do the vocals extremely well  including awesome backing vocals, it is no surprise then that this year (2012) has seen them pull off a significant sell out tour of the UK in some pretty reasonable and large venues too. 

Well, on Friday the 28th of December, many thanks to Bob Marden, they played a sell out gig at Club-85 in Hitchin and the Fellowship, of course, had to be there in force.

 We welcomed a 'newcomer', Peter's friend Steve (On the right) to our merry throng.

 Kevin was back from Egypt

 Chris was, well, just Chris!

The first set was the whole of 'Wish You Were Here' + a couple of older Floyd (Syd Barrett era) numbers, the second set featured The 'Dark Side of the Moon' + tracks from 'Animals' and 'The Wall', along with the most amazing visual and lighting effects, all in all a jolly splendid, I'd even go so far as to say, flawless, gig.

PFD The Fellowship Poem

‘Twas the third night after Christmas
A most magical time of year
The fellowship gathered once again
Good music for to hear

Kevin was back from Egypt
With many a new tall tale
As he, Grant, Peter Chris and Steve
Met in the Nightingale

A kitty was decided upon
Despite a day of Christmas cheer
Grant joined in as is normal
And they supped on splendid beer

And when the time at last had come
To the leave the Nightingale
The Fellowship plus their special guest
Went in search of more fine ale

So through the doors of 85
And a table they did claim
They went to join the gathering throng
For ‘twas music time again

Pink Floyd Dimensions took to the stage
And played “Wish you were here”
And a couple of old Syd Barrett songs
Before a break and another beer

They came back and played again
“The Dark Side of the Moon”
And a track or two from “Animals”
But it was all over far too soon

The encore had songs from “The wall” 
To which we all sang along
A mighty fine night had by one and all
“Oh please, just one more song”

And so it was a magical night
Of Fellowship and fine ale
With music of such quality
Good times did once again prevail.

(By the way, if you click on any of the photographs you should see them film strip style & full screen)

So, that was it, the last gig of 2012, what a year it's been, amazing, so to all, have a jolly splendid end to 2012 and may 2013 be all you wish for.
Grant - December 2012 - All photographs above and writing herein, Copyright Grant Meaby 2012.