Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Gigs - London Excursions - Adventures

Well, it's that time of year, all the bands you love play their Christmas gigs in far away places and venues you cannot possibly get to all round the country, except, except, when they play locally or in London.

London, you cannot just go to London for a gig or a concert, it somehow isn't right just to 'pop' into our beloved capitol city just for a night, going to only one or two places and then going home again, no, London has to be 'done' and done in style.

There are so many exciting places to see, so many great places to eat and most importantly a plethora of splendid pubs, some easy to find, others tucked away in hidden side streets, steeped in history, full of interesting people and even more interesting beers!

Well, this Yuletide season, The Fellowship has visited itself upon the poor unsuspecting folk of London on more than one occasion! 

What follows is just a taster of two notable trips.

IQ at the Islington Academy 08/12/12

I’d picked up a group 3 travel-card
To meet Kevin and Chris on the train
They’d be getting on at Arlesey
We were off to London again

The timing was fairly important
The right train had to be caught
13:26 from Arlsey
13:36 from Stevenage we thought

Well for the first time in Fellowship history
Our plans went awry from the start
For Chris was on the train at Arlesey
But Kevin wasn’t when it did depart!

A few frantic phone calls later
Chris disembarked to meet me
And Kevin drove the wind
To get to Stevenage from old Arlesey

So at last we were together
And on a slower train London bound
We got off at Finsbury Park
And set off deep underground

Our first stop was Old Street
For a swift one in the Old Fountain
Then off to the Bavarian Beerhouse
With it’s its pictures of maidens and mountains

Across the road to The Eagle
All Christmassy and warm
Then to the Wenlock Arms
A pub looking somewhat forlorn

But the atmosphere was quite fantastic
The people were friendly & real
We met ‘Lucky’ the little Jack Russell
And Florence from France, quite a deal!

Was it in the Earl of Essex
We tried that hot chili beer?
It was tasty and warming and lovely
But a bit raw on the old throat I fear

A stroll along the Regents canal towpath
Took us closer to where we should go
We stopped off for a final pint somewhere
But time was of essence you know

So we swiftly proceeded to the Chicken shop
For chicken and chips and soft drink
Before catching up with Peter in the O2 Arena
Were we tipsy? What do you think?

IQ were simply amazing

Once again at their brilliant best
They played for almost 3 hours
Without even taking a rest

All to soon it was over
And we were heading back home
But a ride on the tube was hilarious
And pasties at Kings Cross were done

So we arrived once more back in Stevenage
And waded through 100’s of rabbits
To get to the car in the car park
Such are we, great creatures of habit

Peter drove us all home which was lovely
And it wasn’t really that late
So until we do it again dear friends
I really, really can’t wait.

Well, it wasn't long before we did indeed do it again, this time it was off the the most splendid event known as 'Frost*Bites' at The Scala, promoted by the wonderful Mr Prog himself, Twang, otherwise known as Jon Patrick, but first, The Fellowship Christmas Meal had to be done, and boy oh boy, did we do it in style, oh yes my friends, a Weatherspoons' Christmas lunch at The Angel.

Now Frost* are what could and perhaps should call a Prog Supergroup, It Bites played 2nd, I cant say headlined as it was a 'double header' and we had adventures, I must say, a splendid day, a splendid gig, but, the Scala, what a disappointing venue, hideously oversold, very poor visibility of the stage unless you were right at the front on every level and very unpleasant and 'over the top' security on the doors, but, oh, well, here goes;

Frost*Bites - Sunday 16th December 2012

Frost*Bites The Fellowship (To the tune of Good King Wenceslas)

The Fellowship went to London Town
For our Christmas me-eal
We all dressed up for the special day
We had that Christmas fe-eel
Splendid T-shirts from Kevin
And outstanding Christmas jumpers
Silly Santa hats of red
And our reindeer antlers

We started at the Angel pub
In Islington as was planned
Then off to the Craft Beer Company
With the muso's and the prog fans
Where we met old friends of ours
And everything was jolly
I still wonder if Paul's kilt
was inspirational or fo-o-lly

Filthy McNasty's was the last
Pub upon the pub crawl
We'd run out of time again
To go and do them a-all
Chris chatted to a couple there
And you could see it on their face
They didn't know if we were real
Or had come from outer spa-a-ace

The Fellowship went to London town
To see Frost* & It Bites
We had had a jolly splendid day
Everything was just right
Until we got down to the queue
at La Scala that fateful ni-ight
The queue was long and tiresome
and security was ti-i-ight

He would not let Kevin in
He said that he was too pi-issed
Ange that he'd annoyed the waiting crowd
All reality he'd mi-issed
We got frisked and bundled in
What a strange to-do-oo
And Kevin had bee ordered out
To the back of the queue,-oo-oo

La Scala is a crap venue
And it was over so-old
Too many people crammed inside
If I may make so bo-old
We heard but didn't see the bands
Which was such a pity
Kevin did get in at last
Past Mr. Shi-i-ty

So La Scala security guard
All I have to sa-ay
Your petty Hitler attitude
F****d up a perfect da-ay
I hope you are proud of yourself
And can sleep at ni-ight
You're nothing but a wa-a-nker
A complete gob-shi-i-ite

So we had another drink
And said what the he-ell
One wanker doth not spoil our fun
As you can probably te-ell
The Fellowship will bounce back again
Where we are appreciated
What that that wanker didn't realise
Was we were ALL in-eb-ria-ted.

And so, what a couple of weekends, great to catch up with friends from around this beautiful Isle of ours, splendid gigs, great music, and now as the season of goodwill to all mankind looms upon us, I'd just like to say, to all my friends, happy Christmas, happy Yuletide, happy Solstice, happy whatever floats your boat, rock on, prog on, punk on, folk on, blues on amd especially to that security gaurd, I forgive you you wanker.

Until the next time

Grant - December 2012

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