Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Skegness Rock & Blues Festival, held on the last weekend of January at the Butlin's Holiday Site is quite simply one of those, 'Events of the Year' type of do's it's suitable for Blues & Rock fans of all ages, families, groups of friends, rock clubs, blues clubs, whatever, it's also a great place to be if you're absolutely root shoot currant bun ole ole biscuit barrel mad as a hatters like my friends & I!

 Like any festival, there's always too much going on to see everything so you have to pick and choose what and who to see when and which venue you prefer, it's also easy to miss people you know well as the site itself is vast and the venues are so big but if you're with a group of crazy friends, it's fun fun fun all the way!

Needless to say The Fellowship of the Stick were there in numbers and at last we got to give Sally her belated Christmas present.

From left to right it's me, Chris, Paul, Sally & Fender, Kevin & Peter
(Thanks to the lovely Sally Newhouse for the picture)

I will not elaborate on the Corona shirts here, if you know us you may know the story behind them, if you don't then if and when you are in any position, gig, festival, and meet us, we'll tell you, honest we will.

I'm sure there are lots and lots of serious music sites, especially the Blues ones, that will take great delight in providing blow by blow reviews and accounts of every artist but that's not my style nor intent, this is just for fun and I'll be saying something about some of the bands and artists we saw a little later.

For me the fun always starts when setting off for such an event as this, the journey there was an adventure in itself as often is with The Fellowship!

Skeggy, the journey there (Part-1)

We set off as planned just before one
Heading to Skegness for music & fun
We stopped off at Crowland
For a pint and a bite
But the Angel and Anchor was closed up so tight

So after a beer in a pub with no food
We set off for the Bridge inn
We’d been told it’s so good
Out in the sticks and all on it’s own
Save for a few tatty run down trailer homes
We found the said place
It was open and warn
And there was the landlord somewhat forlorn
He’d been open for hours but no-one had come in
So he met us with fervour bonhomie and a grin
And he gave us pork scratching’s his chef had just made
Was it pork or ‘Long pig’ from the last passing trade?

The food was excellent and the beer was nice too
Se we left feeling well fed and satisfied whoop woo
But, we were somewhat off the beaten track as they say
So it took us a while to get back on our way
And that’s another story I tell you dear friends
Which is all nicely captured in ‘Lost in the Fens’

Yes, we were well & truly off the beaten track and the sat-nav found us and gave us a lovely route through miles of the most un-scenic landscape you could imagine especially as it was starting to get towards late afternoon and the light was fading fast!

Lost in the fens - The Journey part-2

Now come hearken good people
Listen well dear friends 
We appear to be lost
Somewhere out in The Fens!
Everything is so vast
Featureless and flat
Apart from that tree
Didn’t we just pass that
Half an hour ago?

There are very few bends
The roads are so straight
We’ve been driving for hours
We’ll surely be late
What’s that up ahead
Is it a corner I see?
Lean to the left then the right
Come now, quickly
Phew, we got round it!

We’re off the main road
On little country lanes
We criss-cross the railway
Chasing the trains
And the reason for our excursion
The cause of all this?
We’re trying to find somewhere
For poor Grant to piss

At last a main road
Civilisation & cars
And a signpost for Skegness
And it’s not very far!
The sat-nav has found us
A route to the site
It’s time to check-in
And kick start the night
Wey hey!

In Jakk's Bar

So there we were, Friday the 25th of January, in Skegness, for anyone who doesn't know it's on the East Coast of England in Linconshire which, at this time of year is somewhat less than tropical, it was bloody freezing and snow and freezing rain had not only been forcast but was actually falling out of the sky!

Mind you, the beach did look pretty surreal in the morning.

Now when I go pubbing, clubbing, gigging, festivalling etc. with my lovely buddies we always need to take a certain 'Kitty' out with us, so, in honour of the kitty, here's a little ditty!

When a Kitty’s not a Kitty Cat?

We have a little kitty
We feed him regularly
It’s a lovely little thing
For The Fellowship you see
He always comes out with us
When we go to music shows
But where he seems to end up
Not anybody knows!
For we have to feed our kitty
With donations large and many
But whenever we check up on him
He’s gone and spent a pretty penny!
He seems to be diminishing
Right before our very eyes
And by the end of the evening
It’s always a surprise
To find that Kitty’s gone and left us
Leaving just a tiny trace
That he was ever with us
When we first came to this place
So we have to resurrect him
To keep him fit well fed and fat
For our Kitty is so dear to us
And he’s not even a flipping cat!

So, what about the music then I hear you ask, no, well I'll tell you a little, there were so many good bands and artists over the weekend, the 'stand out' performances came from Eddie & the Hot Rods, The Mentulls and Absolution on the Friday night, The Roadhous jam on Saturday afternoon was brilliant, this is where scratch bands are put together and have no rehearsal time and just ten minutes to play us a couple of numbers, mainly blues but some rock and rounding that session all off was the amazing Tom Jones, no ladies not the famous Welsh one but Tommy Jones who fronts a rock band normally but who can sing the blues and improvise like no one else any of us have ever seen, I think the expression is 'blinding'.
Saturday night Stray got us off to an amazing start in Reds, Del Bromham was absolutely on fire.

Del Bromham in action

Stray were followed by what was for me, the band of the festival, the mighty HAWKWIND who treated us to the full stage show with all the trimmings and a fantastic sound and selection of over 40 years of space rock!

Mr. Dibs with his amazing electric double bass come cello come string synth come whatever!

The dancers were amazing, the costumes incredible.

I have a feeling we may have ended up in Jakk's again afterwards for some late night rocking blues and the odd JD or two!

Now Sunday, Sunday was a strange day, we had a nice chilled out morning, Kevin & Paul went to Mabelthorpe to watch the motorcycle sand racing and at lunch time we went to Jakk's for the acoustic sessions, first up was Andy Tywman, a very quirky funny one man bandish sort of fella with a one stringed boogie machine guitar type of thing he'd made and then the lovely Lucy Zirins, do check her out on You tube.
Now Lucy gave us a new name, all because one of our number was wearing something a little different!

Lucy Zirins with Kitty & The Coronas & of course Fender Bear.

Kitty & The Coronas

The cat’s out of the bag
There’s a tiger on the loose in Jakk’s
Beware my friends beware
Of that great big puddy tat
There will be outbreaks of laughter
Giggles and guffaws
When the tiger starts his dancing
When he’s sharpened up his claws
Oh yes there will be fun
By the bucket load you’ll see
It’s Kitty & the Corona’s
With Kevin in his tiger ‘onesie’.

Indeed there was much laughter especially when 'Kitty' directed the dogs and wolves howling to 'Little Red Rooster'!.

Sunday afternoon Peter, Chris and I went to see Colin Blunstone, an excellent performance from the man who is surely a legend and later we went and watched the Blues Band, I swear Paul Jones has a picture in the attic!

Sunday evening we had a blast of a time as Roadhouse played their own full set before we headed off to see ABCD the only ACDC tribute band endorsed by Angus Young himself and boy oh boy I'm not surprised, what a way to round off a fabulous weekend.

So that was about it for this year's Skegness Rock and Blues, a fantastic weekend spent with so many good friends, what will we be up to next? 
There were many other artists we saw, some good, very few not so good but I don't slag anyone off here and I said it's not a serious review, seriously, stay safe, stay warm and cool runnings.

Photo Credits:- Sally Newhouse, Chris Foskett, Peter Cheney, Me, Jo Hundy, Kevin Blackett.

Words: Me, all rights reserved, Grant Meaby 2013