Saturday, 9 February 2013


In a vain attempt to answer all the questions, provide a believable explanation and perhaps give a little insight and understanding behind the Coronas and their relationship with The Fellowship of the Stick I was privileged enough to interview a Fellowship member who also happens to be a Corona on Thursday night at a secret location in Hertfordshire, for reasons of anonymity we'll just call him 'Chris'.

In these days where many of us work in or with 'High Tech' industries a world in which 'Management Speak', 'Buzzwords' and acronyms rule and FAQ's are all the rage, this then is the format I'll be adopting later in this exclusive article.

If you have been to any of the following events it is likely that you will have seen one or more of the Coronas, Cambridge Rock Festival, CELEBR8, Skegness Rock & Blues, innumerable gigs in London and the home counties, Proguphoria, now at last I am in a position to reveal all!

Q. So, tell me about The Fellowship of the Stick?
A. No

Q. OK, so just what is the relationship between The Fellowship of the Stick and The Coronas?
A. Intimate

Q. Are all the members of the Fellowship of the Stick also Coronas?
A. No, not all.

Q. Ah, so are all the Coronas members of the Fellowship of the Stick?
A. No.

Q. Do you wear those shirts for a bet?
A. No

Q. Are you guys a band?
A. No

Q. Are you guys in a band?
A. No, not any more

Q. So were you all in a band together at some point
A. No

Q. Did you cut up one of the shirts to make Sally's dress?
A. No, it was bought especially for her

Q. Is she like your mascot?
A. Most definitely not, she's a good friend and Fender is our mascot

Q. Fender?
A. Fender Teddy, he has his own Face book page, check him out

Q. What's the story behind Fender?
A. Ah, you'd better ask The Fellowship that one

Q. OK, so now I am confused
A. Don't worry, we're all confused

Q. Isn't this all a bit 'Last of the Summer Wine'
A. Not at all, we like to think of it more like The First of the Winter Ales.

Q. Can anyone join The Fellowship of the Stick?
A. Only by invitation

Q. Can anyone join The Coronas?
A. Temporary membership can be arranged, for example at a festival, you could join our Corona for a day scheme.

Q. How many Coronas are there in total?
A. About 6 in all at the last count

Q. But I'm sure I've seen 8 to 10 people at different times with you in you photographs?
A. Ah the magic of photo shop and panoramic blend!

Q. So, this latest incarnation, 'Kitty & the Coronas', how did that come about?
A. Oh, that, that was down to the lovely Lucy Zirins at Skegness.

Q. How come?
A. That must remain a secret, you'd know if you'd been there and that's all I can say.

Q. So come on, where did those shirts really come from?
A. Mexico, I think I've said enough.

And that folks is it, I hope you are now wiser and enriched as I was, I'm not sure whether I know more or less right now?

But just to illustrate, see below.

The Fellowship of the Stick

The Coronas

See, completely different!

Blessings and keep those motors purring.

Cheers, G.M. 09/02/2013


  1. It's all lies I tell lies, lies lies, I mean Mexico doesn't even exist

  2. Gee thanks Farcanal, you sussed me!