Friday, 8 March 2013

Me Music and Stuff - Keeping Music A Live

Thanks to sites like YouTube and Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp you can now access more music via your PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone than you could ever listen to in a lifetime!
I know some of the younger folk won't believe this but, it wasn't always like this!
There was once a time, now long long ago, before digital music, before CD's, before cassettes, even before Reel to Reel Tapes, when the only access to music was via the radio or by actually going out, visiting a music store or record shop, yes there used to be such places, and actually buying a physical hard copy of a single, EP or album on vinyl!

Apart from well known or up and coming bands few tended to 'Tour' and then only to fairly large venues, OK if you happened to live close enough to get to one and home again afterwards, or of course if you were lucky enough to live in one of the cities (Which I didn't) with smaller music venues, clubs and bars that played music, there were few 'Pub bands' around when I was a lad, besides which I was too young to get into a pub anyway!

I grew up in a house that was almost always full of music of one sort or another, my mother was a good pianist and had a good voice, if she wasn't singing she was listening to 'Songs from the Shows', My Fair Lady, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, South Pacific, West Side Story etc. One or other of these was often spinning around on the old gramophone player, my dad, on the other hand, was a great fan of the 'Big Band' sound, Glenn Miller and all that, is it any wonder I developed a love of all kinds of music, a wonder or a miracle!

I was quite young when I first 'got into' The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, I was also very lucky, one of my cousins worked in a shop and had access to lots of good quality second hand singles so I built up quite an eclectic collection before I bought my first very own brand new single, in fact, around the same sort of time I bought "Night of Fear" by The Move and "Dedicated Follower of fashion" by The Kinks, I don't think I've looked back since then.

Over the years I have developed a very wide taste in music,  also I have developed a loathing of 'lables' I know it is useful when describing genres or sub-genres of music but it can be very restricting, when it comes to music I either like it or I don't, my tastes range from Classical to Punk and just about everything in between perhaps with the exception of most 'Country and Western' and some Opera.

I have to admit that my favourite type of music is Space Rock / Psychedelic Rock (Hawkwind, Gong, Litmus, Omnia Opera etc.) but I love Metal, Progressive Rock and Blues and there is nothing like going to a live gig, whether it's a local band in your local pub or a massive stadium concert somewhere and of course you cannot beat a good festival when you days of good music to treat your ears to in the company of like minded friends.

My own excursions into music have been previously well documented (Mainly somewhere within my blog) none were particularly successful but they were very enjoyable none the less, it has been my writing and performance poetry that has enabled me to 'Get on Stage' with so many fantastic bands and musicians over the years, many of whom I am blessed to be able to call friends.

Recorded music is very important and in whatever format it comes in, it's also important that the people who make this music for us get a fair reward for what they do, so pay for downloads when you can, buy their CD's but perhaps more importantly, go and see them LIVE, together we can keep music Alive.

I have never 'Grown out' of my love of music or my love of going to see bands live at gigs, festivals and everything, well most of everything that goes with it, I know I never will.

There are so many fantastic bands out there working their socks off up and down the country playing music to the Masses, or in some cases to the few, it's not just the young bands either, some surprising 'names' pop up at smaller venues, hidden little festivals, even in the pub!
So, if you love music like I do, every once in a while, just go 'Out there' and see and hear just what is about, you might be surprised what you can find right on your doorstep!

Until the next time, cool runnings one and all, and here's me with one of the finest CD's I've bought for a long while, Lifesigns, by, Lifesigns.

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