Monday, 27 May 2013

A Little light Reading - Some Recent Poems

Well now, a lot of my recent blogs have centred around bands & gigs and the such and why not? 
However, one of the reasons I started this blog was to share some of my poetry in a more communicable medium as I don't often 'Do it' live these days (Stevenage festival in June will be the next one), so here, without further ado and in no particular order are a few recent poems.


I love the silence that comes with snowfall
I revel in its cool embrace
The uniqueness of every snowflake
Settling as one upon this place
It fills my heart with a warming glow
To see the land cloaked so in white
No footprints upon the virgin snow
Such beauty is my true delight
To wrap up warm against the cold
To sit and watch the world transform
A blanket of the winter’s spirit
Laid down for us this very morn
Tread carefully upon this day
Respect nature’s beauty cold and stark
And when the daylight fades to grey
The snow drives away the winter’s dark.


                        I saw a flash of red beneath the full Moon
It may have been the port-light of a plane
But then again
It might have been a Dragon

I saw the dark shadow of wings
Silhouetted against clouds stark and white
On this cold and blue-black night
Could it have been a Dragon?

I heard a sound from somewhere far away
Like the beating of enormous wings
It could have been one of many things
But it might have been a Dragon

In the silence that comes with snowfall
I listened for signs of wonder
Stopping for a moment to ponder
Are there really any Dragons?

History relates epic tales of Dragon slaying
Encounters with fabulous beasts
And not least
Treasures hoarded by Dragons

I saw a flash of red beneath the full Moon
It may just have been a passing plane
But all the same
I’m sure it was a Dragon.

The government’s spent all the money
Before any penny has been earned
Me, I’m not exactly paranoid
Just a little bit concerned

The polar ice caps are melting
The glaciers are in retreat
But I’ll only start to worry
When there’s water lapping at my feet

The Siberian permafrost is melting
Releasing methane by the ton
It’ll speed up the global warming
The future weather should be fun

Religious fundamentalism spreading
Causing revolutions and wars
But should we be concerned at all
Unless it’s just outside our doors?

Famine and malnutrition
Can only happen overseas
And surely we don’t have a problem
With uncontrollable disease

Extreme politics get a foothold
Out there on the left or out there on the right
While the centre buries it’s head in the sand
The future’s looking bright!

Has history taught us nothing?
Are there no lessons to be learnt?
Me, I’m not exactly paranoid
Just a little bit concerned.

Me, I’m not exactly paranoid
Just a little bit concerned.

 got to
 got to
 the kitchen
Whatever you do don’t let the bugger in
Better take heed about what they suggest
Don’t leave any food lying around your desk
Not one single crumb is to appear upon the floor
Or that pesky little mouse will pop in from next door
He’s got an antenna for food located on his head
They tried to poison him but he’s alive, alive not dead!
But we don’t want him in here among the mechanisms
For pro and anti-mousers can cause the widest schisms
But it’s easy to see if a mouse has been around
For little black torpedoes will surely abound
It’s better for everyone if the mouse lives outside
If he gets in here there’s so many places to hide
And mice cause mess as well as carry disease
So don’t encourage the mouse for all our sakes please
But if you’re caught breaking any basic hygiene rule
It’s you not us that will be taken for the fool
And we’ll pillory you and put you in the stocks
Throw mouldy                     tomatoes and a pair                     of smelly socks
And a live                          mouse shoved right down                       your underwear
Mind you                              that might put him off                      coming in here
In the first


It’s great that we all think about ecology
Recycling, energy saving and such
But some of the new technology employed in so doing
Well, it really is a bit much
For example in most new buildings and offices
Lights turn on as you enter the room
And they stay on while you’re inside there
Not a patch is left dark and gloom
But there’s no switch to turn the lights off
Presentations with the beamer are fun
No bugger can see the screen clearly
Didn’t think of that now did you my son
And which clever sod went and decided
To fit lights with such sensors in loos
They light up spectacularly when standing
But go off when you’re midway through poos!
It’s OK if the sensor can see you
But as soon as you’ve disappeared from its view
Like when you’re behind the closed door of a trap
Trying to pass a most difficult poo
Out go the lights and your stranded
Sitting there helpless in the pitch black
And wiping yourself clean in such circumstances?
God help if the Klingons attack!
Has the paper gone into the bowl?
Or is it at your feet stuck to the floor?
You’ll soon know when you try to stand up
And fumble or slide for the lock on the door
And you exit like some manic creature
Waving your arms about so frantically
To set off the sensors and turn on the lights
Thank God no one else in here can see
So all you architects and interior designers
With your best intentions and your well meaning
Leave a manual switch for the lights in the loos
It’ll save, just on the cost of the cleaning!

The Other Side of the Sky

 So near yet so far
But here we are
On the other side of the sky

We looked forward to
Things we wanted to do
Sadly they all pass us by

Time races past
Does nothing ever last
Excuse me while I start to cry

Memories are fine
But fade with the time
On the other side of the sky

It’s no surprise
That when I close my eyes
Something inside softly sighs

We can’t change what’s been
Or the things we have seen
On the other side of the sky

How can we really see
The truth of reality
Rather than living a lie

So near yet so far
Beneath our little star
On the other side of the sky

That my friends is it for now, until the next time, cool runnings one and all.

All poems above Copyright Grant Meaby 2013, Snow Picture also Copyright Grant Meaby, all other pictures blagged from the Web.

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