Friday, 24 May 2013

BURLESQUE at The Crown & Cushion

Now who would have ever thought that a little country pub way out 'In the sticks' at Great Gransden would be the venue for some of the best live music around!
Apparently Great Gransden is a popular village for retired or semi retired rock stars, anyway, the pub is lovely with some excellent beers but on this particular occasion it was the setting for Burlesque to play only their 2nd gig in a year and something like three months (According to Penny) since their last rehearsal, not that that seemed to make any difference!

Burlesque, like Penny's other bands, Nightshade and White Rabbit are so much more than just another cover band, you could say, they are all consummate musicians that get together to play other peoples music, to give some measure of this, the pub was pretty damn full, people had travelled from as far away as Peterborough, London, Cambridge and even Stevenage, Stotfold and Langford!

I was there of course, with the Fellowship less Paul (Who was plastering) and Chris (Who was plastered, er, perhaps not, was away on business way up north), Peter, Kevin & I certainly made the trek and well worth it it was too.

Burlesque rocked, the very effective but bright lighting played havoc with photography at times but made for some interesting effects.

If you get the chance to see Burlesque go and do so, you won't be disappointed,

The astute among you will instantly recognise the 'structure' of this ditty, based on a song by a popular beat combo of yesteryear:

Burlesque at the Crown & Cushion

Penny Lane is singing at the Crown & Cushion
With her band Burlesque you know it will be good
And the people all crowded stood
In the corner there’s a Fellowship there gathering
Their cameras are all going click click flash
What a jolly hoot a splendid bash, in a country inn
Very splendid din

Penny Lane sings in a band that’s called Burlesque
Spangly in black is how she’s dressed
We sit or stand and listen in

Penny Lane there is a lot of blokes a goggling
And bopping as she sings those old rock songs
We like to all sing along
Such a merry throng

Penny Lane sings in a band that’s called Burlesque
We don’t give a fig for all the rest
We drink and dance tonight

The band are very tight and play great songs alright
People have travelled here from very far away
It’s so good and well worth it I must say
Such a lovely day
Penny Lane looks stunning in her basque tonight
She moves around so lovely as she sings
Stunning thing

Penny Lane sings in a band that’s called Burlesque
White Rabbit and Nightshade too are of interest
We rock and sing right back
Penny Lane sings in a band that’s called Burlesque
White Rabbit and Nightshade they are the best
Penny lane

Grant Meaby
Yours truly taking a break.
Peter (In blue) & Kevin (Stripes) relax and enjoy a pint
And that's just about it for now, so until the next time, have fun, enjoy, cool runnings one and all.
Grant - May 2013

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