Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Matt Stevens
So the review meetings at work went well and swiftly thus allowing me to escape at 16:10.(I love flexi-time).
I dash outside as fast as my stick allows to catch the bus home, thinking, a shower, on with the gigging gear, dash back out to catch train to London, alas, shower occupied by youngest daughter so it’s a ‘Glasgow Shower’ for me, shhhhhhh, psst, psst and I don’t smell too bad.

A quick change and then goodbye’s to the family and I’m off, I pick up a pastie and a couple of cans of from  the local Kandola then a quick bus ride and I’m at Stevenage station waiting for the fast train to Kings Cross.

The train ride allows me to catch up with one of my colleagues I don’t see much of at work these days which is a nice start to the evening, that and the giant Cornish pastie!

Arriving at Kings cross I set off following my route map (courtesy of Google Maps) to find the venue, Kevin B has trained me well.
I’m about 2/3 of the way there when I pass the Lucas Arms, well I didn’t actually pass the Lucas Arms as sitting outside supping on a pint was a certain Matt Stevens and several of the Celbr8 / Camrock crew.

The Lucas Arms

Matt was as pleased to see me as I was to see him as he thought, as did I initially, that I wouldn't be able to make it along tonight,  so there we were sitting outside the pub enjoying a couple of pints of Golden Hen, chatting about prog, Celebr8, Camrock etc. the time soon passed and it was off to the venue, Westminster Kingsway College Theatre literally just down the street.

The college of media / arts is a splendid building and the students involved with tonight's show seemed a lovely bunch, with the entrance a mere £6 and also buy a raffle ticket for £1:50 and exchange it at the ‘bar’ for a dumpy beer or a bucket of wine, Shiraz here I come, these are prices I can afford!

Roger Marsh was there as I arrived  along with Robert Ramsay and a host of others, many recognisable faces from Celebr8 / Celebr8.2, The Peel and Cambridge Rock Festival.

First are on first, young enthusiastic, noisy, and really quite good, the bass player looked somewhat fearsome but he’s got a 5 string and can play it, nice opening set.

There isn’t much of break between bands, just enough time for a quick Shiraz refill and to pop outside for a smoke meeting Simon Godfrey along the way who's just arrived after doing his 'Burger thing' and then it’s The Fierce and the Dead, complete with a great video backdrop and lighting, they launch into 666.6 and follow up with lots of the new material from the forthcoming album with On VHS thrown in for good measure.

The Fierce and the Dead 
TFATD are on form tonight, the sound is excellent and with the visuals it’s a stunning show, sadly its over all too soon but early enough for me to scuttle back to Kings Cross with Roger and catch our respective trains north, then remarkably an on time bus and home well before 10:30, phew! It can be done on a 'school-night' and well worth doing it was too.

Cheers all, until the next time.

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