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Scar My Eyes, 28 Blunts later, The Projectionist and Zompok at Club-85 26/07/13

Ok, so I wasn't going to write another blog until after Cambridge Rock Festival 2013, wrong!
Such a momentous night of metal that the wonderful promoter Musikal Sin put on in Hitchin's very own Club-85 on Friday the 26th July really cannot go by unmarked.

Two of my daughters, seen below with most of Scar My Eyes before the gig, persuaded me that a good night out with some decent metal music was just what I needed  after what had been a really bad week during which I, along with many of my friends, had attended the funeral of well known and well loved local artist and all round great guy, Jon Falconer.

Trust daughters, they are usually (I will not say always) right!

Miz & Caz with 4 5ths of Scar My Eyes
So, the running order for the night was, Zompok, The Projectionist, Scar My Eyes and 28 Blunts Later.

What can I say about Zompok, well I'll leave the description up to the Club-85 event page, which ran as follows:-
Zompok - Horror-inspired, brooding metal with dashes of industrial. Imagine a sludgier White Zombie and you'll be getting warm. 
This night reduced to a two piece with drums and Paul on guitar and vocals it was amazing just what a sludgy doom laden sound they could and did produce, anyone familiar with any of Paul March's other / previous bands like Gilla Brujia will get the idea, anyway I enjoyed them, a good start.

Next up were Cambridge's, The Projectionist, if you like your Hardcore, Grind and intense metal you'll like these guys, they did a great job on the night but if I'm honest, which I tend to be, not my cup of tea but still check them out if this sort of music floats your boat.
Next up were the mighty, the wonderful, the amazing, Ok, ok, ok, I love these guys, Scar My Eyes playing a rare gig, they elected not to take the headline spot this night due to their lack of recent live performances despite absolutely storming the Melbourn Rock Club the week before!
It was obvious that they were well up for it this night, they blew the roof off Club-85 and drew by far the biggest crowd of the evening with a lot of original fans (Like my girls & I) there to witness a storming show.
Guitar Maestro Neil Prenty gives it some

Snarling Mark Lewis on vocal duty

SME in full flow with powerhouse Alex 'Bear' Chapman on drums
What's more, for this night only (Possibly because they've now shifted most of them) they were selling off their old EP at a mere 50p a go! 
I have to say that the new material is absolutely brilliant and the guys did say they were aiming to play a few more gigs than they have recently, let's hope so. if they do, I for one will be there if I can.

So, to the headliners, 28 Blunts Later, again I'll leave the description to Club-85's event page:-
Groove/stoner/death metal act who're making a name for themselves around Herts with their LOG-inspired riffs and tracks such as 'Mary's Basement'. Their debut EP can be downloaded for free from their Facebook page.
Do not be fooled by the young age of this band, they really deliver and with a maturity often missing from bands significantly older and more used to gigging such venues, all respect to them, I'm sure these guys will go a long way.
It was great to see so many people there at metal night and several from the other local metal bands like Nick and James from Aghast lending their support, all in all a very good night indeed and all for a mere £5 entry, this is why I love live music and why I continue to support the local music scene.

Now it's time to get ready for 4 days of music, beer and friends, or rather, friends, music & beer at Cambridge Rock Festival 2013 10th anniversary Festival which, by the line up, looks like it's going to be something very special indeed.
Until the next time, cheers m' dears.

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