Thursday, 5 September 2013


It's not often that you can pop down to one of your local pubs and see a band for free that under normal circumstances you'd be happy to part with a sizable chunk of the old hard earned to do so, well, thanks to the Red Lion in Stevenage, and more especially to the promoters like Trevor who runs 'Blues at the Red' (Formerly Tandoori Blues), Sunday nights is where you can catch some of the best live Blues / Blues-Rock bands on the circuit and all you need is your bus fare there and money for a few beers!

Sunday 1st of September saw the venue play host to the mighty Roadhouse, one of the best Blues-Rock bands around, world renowned and festival favourites as anyone who's 'done' Cambridge or Skegness Rock & Blues will know.

What a great date to pick, Sunday the 1st September, most of us back from our summer holidays and back or just about to go back to work, a warm balmy night and Roadhouse really did the business.

Danny & Bill laying it down
Roadhouse are a fantastic live band, professional, accomplished but full of good humour and are actually very nice people and unlike a lot of other bands, very approachable, the Fellowship especially got to know Danny & Mandie G at Skegness Rock & Blues and it was good to catch up earlier this year at Cambridge and more especially on our own 'home turf' here at Stevenage.

The girls, Sarah & Mandie
One of the things I really love about Roadhouse is that they appeal to a wide spectrum of music fans, Blues, Blues Rock, Rock Blues, Rock in fact anyone who really loves live music played well.

Mandie G giving it some
No support band, just two lovely long sets from Roadhouse where they treated us a selection of songs from the amazing new album, Gods & Highways & Old Guitars and from the Sea of Souls and the classic Dark Angel albums.

Danny and Gary show how twin guitars should be done
For the Fellowship it was our first outing as a group since Cambridge so it was great to catch up before we all started back at work after our family holidays etc. Oh yes, back to work, back to the going out to great gigs!

Roger, stick man extraordinaire
It was really good to see quite a few Cambridge Rock Festival and Skegness Rock and Blues regulars there that night along with the Red regulars and the Sunday night Blues crew, all in all a damn fine night indeed.

The lovely Mandie G, there's nowt like a northern lass to get you dancing
And so, in a traditional manner, here's the little ditty to commemorate the evening in Fellowship style:-

Roadhouse at the Red

Nothing could be better on a lazy Sunday night
When the beers are flowing freely and the music is just right
And you’re with all your mates again and it’s lovely and warm
This shouldn't be an exception, it should be the norm’

So there we were in the Old Town down The Red Lion
For the Sunday night blues our Mecca our Zion
And a band for whom we really wouldn't mind paying
Yes indeed my friends the mighty Roadhouse were playing

If hard rocking blues is your kind of thing
Then Roadhouse deliver which each song they sing
It was so good to catch up with Mandie & all the guys
Crammed into the Lion right before our very eyes

The androgynous drunk wiggled it’s little ass
Some couldn't tell whether it was a boy or a lass
But shaking it right there in front of Kevin was surely risking
More than just a damn good fisting or a frisking!

Some Cambridge Rock Festival goers came along too
And some regular ‘Skeggies’ and the Red Lion Crew
And the Fellowship were there too together once more
Oh yes indeed my friends this is what Sunday nights are for.

Grant Meaby

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