Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Chantel McGregor and Mostly Autumn at the O2 Islington

Saturday the 5th of October 2013 and it was the first Fellowship of the Stick outing to London for a very long time, not only that but my daughter Vicky was down from up north with her friends so a meet up just had to be done and where better that to meet at the Euston Tap.

Grant & Vicky in the middle
Chris and I had travelled down together on the early afternoon train so we could get to the Euston tap to meet Vicky  and her friends for a drink and then meet up with Kevin and Peter, it obviously worked:-

The Fellowship +
As those of you who know the area might observe that we had moved from the Euston to the Cider Tap.

Time has a very strange way of accelerating and moving on so fast when you are having fun and enjoying yourself, all to quickly it was time for us to jump onto a bus and head off to Islington, the first stop was of course at the Glassworks for some food and another ale or two.

Peter, Chris, Grant & Kevin enjoy a beer in the Glassworks
Tonight's gig featured two of our favourite artists, Chantel McGregor and Mostly Autumn and it was an early one, doors opening at 18:00 for an 18:30 start, it was lovely to see Chantel's mum Janet on the merch desk, we of course stopped for a chat, even nicer was when we got into the venue proper Chantel came over to say hello and have a pre gig chat.

Chantel looking somewhat happy
Now we have been following the career of Chantel McGregor for some time now and although I admit to being slightly biased, Chantel's talent has always been there, she is a master of the guitar, her songwriting is excellent as is her voice, what has developed, beyond all recognition, is her confidence and with it her stage presence, what a show she delivered, it seems an injustice to call her a blues rock guitarist but that is her best known genre and to win over a crowd of 'mature' prog fans and have them eating out of your hand is one thing, to take a classic Yes 'outro' with a cheeky "I'm going to play a bit of prog for you" and turn it into a stunning piece all of its own and to 'own' it was quite something else!

Chantel was on fire that night

So, Mostly Autumn were the headliners, I could have happily gone home after Chantel, but, I do like M.A. a lot and as soon as they started, that was it, I was hooked once again, a stunning set and now that Olivia really fronts the band with confidence they were superb. I've seen M.A. a few times now over the years, always enjoy they live but tonight they too were on fire.

Olivia has us transfixed
A fair bit from Ghost Moon Orchestra and from their extensive back catalogue, no prize for guessing what they finished with (All M.A. fans will know) but what a brilliant night, one of the gigs of the year so far for me and I suspect for many who were there.

M.A. in action

The journey home after this gig was interesting but perhaps best saved until another day!
So fare thee well and stay safe, until the next time.

Words and pictures copyright G. Meaby 2013 All rights reserved.

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