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Cultural London & Touchstone and the Von Hertzen Brothers at The Garage

A Fellowship of the Stick 'Event'
Well, Friday the 25th of October 2013 and we were off again down to London to see Touchstone and The Von Hertzen Brothers at 'The Garage' in Islington, but, as is so often the case, before that we had a long lunchtime and afternoon to spend doing 'Other things' in London and this time, rather than spend all of our time sitting in some nice warm pub getting slowly mellow we decided to combine a much smaller pub crawl with some sensible tourist like sight-seeing, oh yes.

And, for the hard core music fans, there is a bit at the end about the gig, honestly, there is, just scroll down the page or better still, read through and you'll understand the comment made by the lovely Mr. Jym Furlong on his blog (There is a link to Jym's blog at the bottom too).

So, here follows The Fellowship's Cultural tour of London, warning contains graphic images!

The Cultural Tour of London

Sometimes decisions just have to be made
Even, dare I say, for common sense to prevail
We could have spent all afternoon drinking
In wonderful London pubs, supping splendid ale
But if we had have done that
We wouldn’t have been fit for the gig
So we decided to go strolling around London
Looking for adventures small and big

Our usual starting point, The Euston Tap

Of course it wasn’t a ‘dry’ trip, oh no
Some excellent pubs did feature along the way
But we put in lots of walking time
To go a sight seeing this splendid day
We started at The Euston Tap, as usual
And then on to the Bree Louise
For splendid ales and delicious fish and chips
The taste buds so to tease

Kevin & Chris in The Bree Louise
Forgoing the pleasure of the buses
We took the tube train to Green Park
Where people sat in deckchairs in the sun
And we posed for photo’s, made our mark

We made sensible use of the deck-chairs
Then down to Buckingham Palace
But we didn’t see the Queen
I’m sure she would have liked to meet us
And ask us where we’d been

We stopped off in The Bag’o’ Nails
Before once more setting off exploring
We found a small park of bronze statues
Which proved to be anything but boring
As demonstrated by Kevin & Chris
Riding upon Lions and leaping deer
Then it was off to Grosvenor Square
All the Embassies are here

Obviously designed for such use

Tally ho! Very British

Kevin came to the rescue of a man
Precariously balanced above a pit
As he struggled with a ladder and a fence
But that’s not at all the best bit
He was trying to retrieve a lighter 
And some sort of electrical lead
Thank heavens for super Kevin
Who stepped up in this hour of need!

Or, 'How to break in to an Embassy without being arrested'
Tucked away down a hidden cobbled street
We found a splendid old pub, The Grenadier
So we stopped to sup another pint
And soak up the atmosphere
Soon it was time to wind our way
Through twisting alleys and hidden streets
Back to the Tube and off and away
In search of other treats

Tucked away in an almost secret location
So on to Highbury and Islington
And straight into The Fighting Cocks
Where we met up with many friends
Oh yes, indeed my friends, Prog rocks
The Garage, that’s the music venue
Was very close by to the pub
So we had time to sink a couple more
And to grab some tasty grub

Touchstone were absolutely brilliant

Touchstone take a bow
There were too many friends to mention
We met them all there that night
Touchstone were simply amazing
The Von Hertzen Brothers just right

The Von Hertzen Brothers
We even welcomed Roger to the Fellowship
We had so much amazing fun
It made a nice change from just drinking
The Fellowship cultural tour of old London

We welcomed Mr Roger Marsh to the ranks of The Fellowship (Photo courtesy of Jym Furlong)

The traditional Fellowship greeting (Photo courtesy of Jym Furlong)
I know all the prog fans out there will be looking for a detailed review of who played what, from which album, how well it was delivered, what was the set list and all that kind of stuff and there are so many reviews, formal and personal 'out there' in ether land, suffice to say that Touchstone were absolutely fantastic, really spot on, played a few from their back catalogue but lots from the new / current album 'Oceans of Time' which is well worth getting and The Von Hertzen Brothers were also extremely good and cannot fail to make anyone who likes their 'Classic Rock' nice and loud, progressive and melodic, we certainly do and we did.

The audience was amazing, so many of our friend were there that it would be daft or crass for me to try to list them as I'm almost certainly make a fool of myself (Not difficult) and miss someone important, so, what I would really like to say is that there is another great blog about the event by our good friend Mr. Jym Furlong (Who I nicked a couple of the photo's from) which actually says a lot of things I perhaps wanted to say but he beat me to it so go read Jym's blog too, go on. do it, please.

Here is a link to Jym's Blog:-

All in all a very damn fine splendid night indeed which of course was preceded by a very sensible afternoon!

Cheers all.
Grant Meaby

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