Sunday, 20 October 2013

Deep Purple at The Roundhouse

It's not often that I get to go out three nights running but this week that's just what I did and that's why this blog is a little late!

Thursday 17th October saw myself and Kevin heading off straight after work down to London to swan about Camden for a while before going off to see Deep Purple at The Roundhouse.

After a swift pint at The Elephant's Head we headed to Camden lock to the market for our favourite 'As much as you like for £4' Chinese , mmmm 'bang bang' chicken.

Bang bang chicken
Then it was off to the Lock Tavern for a couple of nice ales to while away the time before heading off to the Roundhouse.

Kevin resplendent in his Rock Club T

I sit there lonely as a ........ No, wait a minute, Kev's gone for more beers
So, there we were, in the queue outside the Roundhouse listening to a number of people who seemed to have travelled somewhat further than us to be here, one group of German fans had flown over from Dusseldorf in the afternoon and were flying back at 5am the next day!

The Roundhouse is a splendid and excellently run and most civilised venue and what's more the bar actually has beer and a range of lagers and ciders, i.e. it's not just bloody Carling or Strongbow like some of the other venues.
Now I've read a few 'professional' reviews of the evening and I must say there are some I agree with and some I wholeheartedly don't, anyway this is my blog and my opinion so, here goes.

I don't have any splendid pictures of the band as i did not have my camera with me just my little Nokia phone, anyway, whoever was responsible for booking RockBox as support needs a pat on the back, yes, so they are 'only' a covers band, but come on, all the band dressed as Angus Young except the singer who sang most songs through a megaphone, two walk about drummers, an excellent guitarist and the bass lines supplied by a huge brass horn, they were a hoot and certainly brought a few smiles to those around us!

At this stage we were joined by our friend Hazel who had just got back from the Netherlands and by now the crowd was certainly thickening up somewhat!

In anticipation

Kicking off with an impressive intro, Mars, the bringer of war, it somehow didn't seem pretentious for the occasion, and so, enter Deep Purple who treated us to a set well over 100 mins long playing a mixture of old classics and a selection from the current album 'Now What?'

 So here's the set list:-
Apr├Ęs Vous
Into the Fire
Hard Lovin' Man
Vincent Price
Strange Kind Of Woman
Contact Lost
A pretty wicked guitar solo from Steve Morse
Uncommon Man
The Well-Dressed Guitar
The Mule including Ian Paice's drum solo (Which didn't go on too long thankfully)
Above And Beyond
A fine keyboard Solo by Don Airey
Hell To Pay
Another keyboard Solo by Don Airey
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin'
Smoke On The Water

And for the Encore:
Green Onions (A cover of the old Booker T and the MG's number)
Black Night 

It's all here in black and white!

I know there are many die hard Purple fans out there who will never like any version of the band without Richie Blackmore and / or 'No one can replace Jon Lord' but if you have been a Deep Purple fan as long as I have you might just know that they started off very much as a blues rock band, with many different members even from the (So called) classic line up.
Anyway Steve Morse is as fantastic guitarist has now been Deep Purples guitarist longer than Blackmore ever was and Don Airey is one of rocks hardest working keyboard players and has been playing keyboards in Deep Purple for years after Jon Lord retired which was way before he sadly passed away.
So, adding all the above to the fact that Ian Gillan's voice did not sound strained, the rhythm section of Ian Paice and Roger Glover were absolutely spot on, Deep Purple turned in one of THE gigs of the year, certainly for me, my friends and judging by the reaction of the crowd, for an awful lot of other people too, I get the feeling that this was one of those 'It was really good to be at' gigs.

Cheers me dears, until the next time.

Grant Meaby - October 2013

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