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DREADZONE AT CLUB-85 HITCHIN 12th October 2013

Saturday 12th October saw Chris, Ignatius and I heading off to Hitchin for what was indeed a most splendid gig, we were off to see Dreadzone supported by Ting & Ra & the Iries.

Electro-dub pioneers Dreadzone formed in 1993 when ex-Big Audio Dynamite drummer Greg Roberts teamed up with Tim Bran, with the duo soon joined by bassist Leo Williams and keyboardist Dan Donovan, also formerly of Big Audio Dynamite, completing the group’s first line-up.
A festival favourite, Dreadzone opened the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury in 1994 and began to bring their unique blend of electro, dub and reggae to a wider audience, going on to chart seven Top 60 singles (including their Top 20 hit ‘Little Britain’) and are still going strong after 20 years

This year, 2013 Dreadzone celebrate 20 years in the business with the release of their 7th studio album 'Escapades' which was recorded at Mick Jones’ studio and Dread Central in West London it sees the return of founder member Tim Bran on co-production/writing and keyboard.
The album also features Mick Jones on ‘Too Late’ and vocalist Lena Cullen (Engine-Earz /She Is Danger) on ‘On my way’ & ‘Music of the Shperes’.

The core members are Greg Dread, original bassist Leo Williams, the unmistakable MC Spee, legendary reggae vocalist Earl 16 alongside Chris Compton on guitar and Bazil on technology who make up the current Dreadzone live line up.

Hit records, critical acclaim and a massive devoted fan base are theirs, due in no small part to their utterly amazing live shows.

As well as live favourites from their back catalogue, including ‘Little Britain’ and ‘Captain Dread’, the band showcased several new tracks from Escapades.

MC Spee in action

Dreadzone 12/10/13

Rise up, brothers and sisters, the time is now”
And so we did, and how

Good nights in Hitchin start in the Nightingale
As they so often do
With good company, me, Chris and Ignatius
Colley’s Dog and cider too

Chris & Ignatius

And then off we went down the road to Club-85
For Dreadzone’s annual gig
A small venue for such a well-known band
Who’s following is pretty big

People had travelled down from the north
Even some from overseas
To see this legendary band play their Dub
Fronted by the inimitable MC Spee

Dreadzone in action
Now what was a surprise in an evening with many
Was to see ‘Tall Paul’ & Co.
Apart from the blues and the rock and the prog
He’s a fan of dub you know

'Tall Paul' and me (with pint)

Support for the evening was also a delight
Ting & Ra and the Iries
Ska, dub, reggae, Ska Punk with brass
And beautiful harmonies

Ting & Ra and the Iries

When Dreadzone took to the stage
We loved every bit of it
MC Spee gave those noisy people down the front
A lesson in gig etiquette

Oh yes indeed

We sang along we drank too much
We bounced along with the crowd
When you listen to the finest Dub like Dreadzone
You need it nice and loud

“Rise up, brothers and sisters, the time is now
And so we did, and how.

Grant Meaby

I of course bought a copy of the new album at the gig, I always like buying direct from the band because then you know they actually get the money! Never ones to shy away fro socio-political comment or astute observations on life, this album is excellent, for me the outstanding tracks being 'Next Generation', 'Rise up' and 'Too Late', but don't take my word for it, go listen to them and see what you think.

An excellent night indeed.

Cheers m'dears, until the next time.

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