Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Here we go again, those Corona Shirt wearing crazies were at it again in style and for a very good reason.

The birthday boy!
This blog is in honour of Peter actually reaching senior statesman status as we celebrated his 10th anniversary of being 50.

Friday 18th October 2013 and Kevin, Hazel & I were somewhat tired after our excursion the night before to see Deep Purple at the Roundhouse but it was Friday, it was Peter's birthday bash at the Arlesey Football Club Function Room (Anyone who lives in the area will know where it is, but for anyone who doesn't, suffice to say it's way out 'In the sticks'.

One of the reasons for the event being held where it was was the fact that they have a music license and NO sound limiter which meant the band, and it was indeed a cracking band, could play as loud as they needed too.

Paul & I put the banner up as straight as we could!

Apart from Peter's many family and friends this was a really special Fellowship do, except for our erstwhile northern member and the one in Holland we were all there, Peter, Paul, Chris, Kevin, me, Sally & Hazel, the only notable exception was Fender who apparently refused to leave his den!

All of us crazy lot (Main photo courtesy of Sally Newhouse (Punkrocksal media))

So, we were all there, so was the beer, and the X-Certs were playing, a recipe for a jolly fine splendid do, which of course it was.

The X-Certs a damn fine band indeed
Peter likes planes, old ones, and his birthday cake was something to behold, it was a Spitfire!

Peter's cake
Now, there's a very strange tradition that goes with the X-Certs, Sally and the Bowie song "Queen Bitch" that the X-Certs play a cracking version of, as soon as the line "In her bipperty boppity hat" is sung, out come the hats which have to be donned, swapped and bounced around in, it's fun, we are not crazy, we are not crazy.

Bipperty boppity hat time

Of course, as this was a Fellowship event, it had to be captured for the Chronicles, so, without further ado;

Peter’s Birthday Party

Now Peter had a birthday
It was a very special one
He’s reached the age of sixty
So it was time to have some fun
Now the Arlesey Football Club
Is somewhat out of the way
But the advantage of hiring such a place
Is that a good band could come and play
Yes Peter had the X-Certs
And all the Fellowship were there
Corona shirts to the fore
Dancing without a care
We even maintained Sally’s tradition
‘Queen Bitch’ with bipperty boppity hats
What were the other guests thinking?
Perhaps best to not dwell on that!
Peter had a birthday cake
That we all did admire
It was fashioned as an aeroplane
In the shape of an old Spitfire
There were family and friends
Workmates and Fellowship galore
And the X-Certs played a fine set
The crowd called out for more
What a way to celebrate a birthday
It was all in all a very splendid event
Peter’s 60th birthday party bash
We’re all so glad we went
So here’s to Peter once again
We’ll raise a glass to drink your health
We wish you many, many more years
And perhaps a bit of wealth!

Grant Meaby


What on earth will we get up to next? That remains to be seen, so, until the next time, keep having fun, it's what keeps you young.
GM Oct 2013

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