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Who? Dr. Who of course, what a weekend! Saturday was most definitely Dr. Who day with the 50th anniversary episode and judging by the number of comments and postings on Facebook, Twitter and the like there seems to be a not insignificant number of people who are both Dr. Who and Progressive Rock fans! Perhaps it was that de diddly dum de diddly dum de diddly dum ahhh ahhh music, the like of which most of us had never heard before unless of course you were a fan of some extremely obscure German experimental electronic music band!

So, just to prove that I too am a nerdy Dr. Who fan as well as a music fan, here I am with my pet Dalek, Eric.

Dalek? What Dalek?
OK, time to get serious, really? Oh well, maybe just a tad, what can I say about the amazing gig at The Borderline in London on Sunday night? Maschine and Haken (Haken rhymes with bacon by the way), absolutely fantastic, one of the gigs of the year for me, this was a real 'double header', both bands on absolute top form and playing to a sold out venue which was also fantastic news for the promoter the wonderful Jon Patrick of The House of Progression.

Sunday was also a great outing for The Fellowship of the Stick with our latest elected member, Mr. Roger Marsh, so all in all a somewhat special occasion.

In the words of Jon Patrick himself:-

A HUGE thank you to EVERYONE for last nights show!!! To HAKEN and Maschine who represented the Future with 2 STUNNING sets! You could never have asked for more. A Sold Out show, 2 phenomenal performances, a superb audience and a massive amount of Love in the room!
A massive thanks to all the staff at The Borderline who gave the bands a bottle of champagne on Ice in their dressing room to celebrate a sold out show.
Please support the House of Progression Shows. It's important. Last night highlighted what is possible!

And the Prog Dog himself, Geoff Banks said-

Absolute praise for Mr Jon Patrick on selling out The Borderline for the HAKEN/ MASCHINE gig tonight (Sunday).I have to say that there would be no Prog scene were it not for him and others championing the music they love for the last decade or so, despite big time promoters coming in and cherry picking events without putting any interest back int the music some of us have loved for years. PLEASE SUPPORT 'REAL' PROMOTERS WHO TAKE CHANCES TO BRING US THE MUSIC WE LOVE

I think that just about sums it up don'y you, so, without further ado, here we go, my way!

It Rhymes with Bacon

All the way down from Peterborough
Roger was on the train
Our newest recruit to the Fellowship
Was out with us once again

We met at the end of the first carriage
When we embarked at Stevenage station
The train was full to standing point
Not an ideal situation

Deciding where to start in London
Can in itself be a decision rather hard
But Kevin suggested we start at Kings Cross
In the new Fullers pub ‘The Parcel Yard’

It is the largest pub in a station
Anywhere throughout the land
A listed building with railway memorabilia
It was indeed rather grand

Roger was presented with his Chantel calendar
Kevin received the obligatory five pound donation
Who would think such fun could be had
In a pub in busy railway station!

Kevin, Chris & Roger

A short hop and skip, quite literally
On the tube to Leicester Square
A walk up the road to the Montague Pyke
For a Sunday dinner in there

Roger had the traditional roast beef dinner
While Grant and Kevin went for the chicken meal
Chris wanted pork but an administrative mistake
Meant he too had a roast chicken too, big deal

The plan was to hit The Crobar
But it’s closed on a Sunday night
The Pillars of Hercules was thankfully close by
So that turned out quite alright

The ‘Pillars’ was definitely the place to be
A veritable who’s who of prog rocks’ elite
Promoters, fans and musicians galore
Absolutely the right place to meet

Geoff Banks, Jon Patrick, Matt Stevens
Jane Armstrong to name but a few
And us of course of the Fellowship
And most of the Celebr8 crew

Then of course it came upon us at last
That wonderful point fixed there in time
To venture forth down to the bowls of the earth
And squeeze in to the old Bordeline

Maschine in full swing

Maschine regaled us with Rubidium
The crowd stood and listened in awe
Luke’s guitar work complex yet so sublime
We all just wanted more, more

But the best was yet to come that night
And no my friends I am not at all mistaken
For they gave the performance of their careers
We were enthralled by the magnificence of Haken

Haken give us their all

There were pictures taken with rock stars
There were CD’s selected and bought
There was fun and humour and Fellowship
There were so many autographs sought

A real rock tart, with Georgia Lewis of Maschine

All too soon the show was over
A walk and a tube ride back to Kings Cross
No time for pasties as trains were departing
We left Roger alone, sob, so cruel of us

But his train was not until later
Too late for those Stevenage bound
And Kevin had promised us a lift home
Which was better by far, for us, all round

But what an absolutely splendid occasion
A jolly good afternoon, evening and night
Will we do it again? Do you really need to ask?
Of course we will, very soon I suspect, alright!

Grant Meaby

Here is a useful link or two:-

So, that's about it for now, happy gigging, until the next time, see you the next time round the plastic spiral, bfn, G.

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