Sunday, 3 November 2013


Well, who'd have thought it?
Well actually 'our own' dedicated independent music venue, Club-85 in Hitchin, run by the amazing Bob Mardon and his team of wonderful sound engineers, lighting team, door and bar staff and promoters put on gig after gig of the highest quality, a lot of the time featuring local bands, new bands, young bands, theme nights, medium sized touring bands, but every now and then (Thankfully somewhat frequently of late) really pulls one out of the bag and we get treated to a top class band that we can see 'locally' rather than having to make the trek down to London or beyond.
Halloween night 2013 was such a night, a 'Bob Promotion', Hawklords supported by the Deviant Amps.

It was good to see such a healthy turn out for this gig, Deviant Amps are a great outfit and I'd happily go an see them in their own right, they even had an exotic dancer which for the crusty old space rocking blighters like me (& Chris and Peter) was a welcome bonus!

Hawklords were fantastic, they played for about two hours with a great selection of songs from the new album, Dream the previous album We are One and a selection of (mainly Bob Calvert era) Hawkwind where I'm sure Ron Tree (Vocals) actually becomes taken over by the spirit of Calvert!

Be sure, Hawklords may be a Hawkwind spin off but they are not a Hawkwind tribute act nor do they concentrate on a set of mainly old Hawkwind numbers, they are very much their own band, fresh, enthusiastic and making lots of great new space rock and the Club-85 crowd very much got into The Spirit of the Night!

So, in my somewhat traditional style, the night was 'captured' in a very special rhyme, this time dedicated to 'Our Kev' who sadly could not make it along that night.


Never has there been such a night
I / we missed Kevin alright
Good though it was
He was in our thoughts because
Tiredness had him in its sway
It of course followed on from yesterday
Nightingale sang for us early on
Gathered as the Fellowship only three strong
Albeit without Kevin but
Lo and behold
Every story has to be told

Chris, Peter and Martin in the hat

Club-85 just down the street
Let us proceed and others to meet
Because there’s live music to be heard
8pm & even ‘Tall Paul’ was there again
5 strolling space rock proggy friends

Merlin & 'Tall Paul'

Deviant Amps took to the stage
Even they had a
Vivacious dancer
I liked her
And so did Chris and Peter
Not that we’d ever meet her
Tonight was for other matters

Deviant Amps with dancer

And the Deviant Amps were excellent
Mind blowing space rock they way it’s meant
Psychedelic and


Hawklords took the stage by storm
And they played for two hours or more
Wreaking havoc in our brains
Killing off the ghost of Hawkwind
Let this band be recognised as themselves
Oh yes indeed
Ron Tree was wicked, made us smile
Dressed in a manic Red Indian

Ron Tree - Vocals

Jerry Richards - Guitar

Harvey Bainbridge - Keyboards

Dave Pearce - Drums 

Adrian Shaw - Bass

What an absolutely splendid night, sad that Kev couldn't make it and we all wish him well, but a truly epic night none the less and the Club-85 crowd certainly got into it.

Just a few of the '85' crowd

So after the Ozric Tentacles on Wednesday and the Hawklords on Thursday I was so glad I'd booked Friday off as holiday as I was completey spaced out!

Cheers all, until the next time round the plastic spiral.
Grant Meaby



  1. wwwwhhhooppp exotic and vivacious!!! i like you!!! Thanks guys!

  2. You are very welcome Deborah, you really helped create the atmosphere, I love a good bit of dancing with my space rock :)